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2010: Doctor Who Writers

There has been some big news in the past week, you know, and it’s nothing to do with snow or very tall towers. Nope, we’ve all finally found out who’s writing the stories in the upcoming series of Doctor Who! Obviously, as previously announced Stephen Moffat gets the lions’ share of the stories, writing two 2-Parters, (Episode 4/5 and 12/13) while he’s also writing Episode 2 and the first instalment of Matt Smith’s era. Ex-Torchwood head writer who was also behind Series 3 story 42, Chris Chibnall, gets the other Two-Parter, which Moffat says seemingly has a new brilliant plot twist every five minutes.


The third episode of the new Doctor’s run? Again, it’s Mark Gatiss’ job to give the new companion (This time Karen Gillan’s Amy Pond) another take on the whole time and space thing. Episode Six is handled by Toby Whitehouse, who has previously written one Doctor Who story, School Reunion, but has since gone on to pen BBC Three drama Being Human amongst other things. His episode is described by Matt Smith in the latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine as “A belter”.


Episode Seven is Simon Nye territory. Now, we hadn’t heard of him until we read the announcement, but they say his script is brilliant, and shall make you cry. Moffat describes him as “World Class” and since those are two words that we’d certainly describe Stephen with, we’re feeling very hopeful. Gareth Roberts, a favourite here at KN, is handling a story, following his previous episodes The Shakespeare Code and The Unicorn and the Wasp (Both of which where regularly laugh-out loud funny. TUATW won episode of the year in 2008’s awards.), co-writing Planet of the Dead and his vast of experience from penning Sarah-Jane Adventures stories (Involving the Series 3 highpoint, The Wedding of Sarah-Jane Smith) basically tells us we’re in very safe hands indeed. Expect a fantastic episode.


Last, but certainly not least, is the legend of British comedy that is Richard Curtis. Creator of Mr Bean, Blackadder and the Vicar of Dibley, his episode is almost certainly set to be absolutely hilarious, although in a DWM interview, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan both say that the episode is actually very, very scary, and heavy on CGI to boot. If you still have any doubts that the next season of Doctor Who is going to be fantastic, you might as well just go and jump off the Burj Dubai now. Nothing in life is ever going to please you...

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