That’s right. When it comes to Doctor Who in 2010, there are only two words on everybody’s lips: “Matt Smith”. Well, those and “It’ll be rubbish not David Tennant’s gone”. However, we shouldn’t right off the young man before he’s even had a crack at the role. At only 26, Matt Smith is the youngest person to ever play the Doctor and for that reason alone has come under fire from some critics. But take a look at him and you wouldn’t think he was of such a tender age. His eyes have that aged look that all the best Doctors do, (Arguably second in the “I know the secrets of eternity” stakes to only Tom Baker himself.) and he has the hair of a Time Lord.

Nobody here at KN has seen any of his previous stuff, but when was the last time somebody cast a bad Doctor? Argue all you like, fanboys, but it has never happened before, and why is that going to change? Stephen Moffat has spent his time as a normal writer of Doctor Who doing everything right. Remember Blink? That was almost as close to perfect as Doctor Who can possibly get. Silence in the Library was the highlight of Series Four, possibly the best run the show has had in the 21st Century. He’s cast an obscure actor as the Doctor. Moffat has created this guy’s career. Matt Smith, we wish you the best of luck in the new year, and public, we hope that you can embrace him in the same way you did Tennant and Eccleston.


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