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3DS: What we know so far...

1). It’ll work in 3D, without glasses.


How? We have no idea, but it will. One way of doing so could have already been trialled by Nintendo. Japanese DSiWare game Rittai Kakushi E: Attakoreda (Video to the right) is out now, and is almost entirely based around a tilt-based 3D system. It reads off the camera and appears to work wonders on the demo, although ex-KN writer Stu tells us that it’s a shambles and doesn’t work at all. This is a third-party game, so presumably Nintendo could improve it greatly, although not even they could explain how it could be used in the dark. Other possible ways include witchcraft and them going back on their word and using glasses. Contact lenses, anyone?


2). Out March 2011


One year’s time then. Our money says that it’ll hit Japan in December-ish time, and then be realised in the USA in the stated time period. Us poor Europeans will have it around June, although that said, we did get the DSi and XL first, so maybe the EU is growing on Nintendo...


3). Cameras return!


The press realise says that all DSi games work, which essentially means that the camera functions work, as otherwise they won’t actually work, they’ll just give you the menu and then die. We’d wager at them having major improvements with the resolution.


4). More information will be seen at E3


Expect the first games, and pictures of the handheld to surface, plus exactly how the 3D thing works. Iwata to pull one from his pocket and raise it triumphantly above his head!


5). Backwards compatible


You can play your favourite DS games such as, erm, all of them that are going to be in our Top #50 List we’ve been hyping for the past three weeks and *Should* finally be out this week. They won’t be affected at all or have any 3D effects added, though.


6). GameCube level of graphics


Not confirmed, this. Just common sense. GameBoy had NES visuals, GBA’s processors where as strong as those of the SNES, DS games could look just as good as those on N64, so surely the next step up is to be of a GameCube standard. There will be a graphical improvement, though, that’s for sure.


7). Obviously, two screens at least.


There are two reasons for this: A, it wouldn’t be backwards compatible otherwise and B, the whole ‘Dual Screen’ bit would fall flat on its face otherwise. Stupid rumours say there will be 3 screens, because of the name. Look at the next letter of the name. Erm, duh.


8). Analogue stick? Accelerometer?


Just in case you’re wondering, an accelerometer is the thing used in the iPhone to make it recognise shakes and tilts. Nintendo are almost certainly going to be using one, but an analogue stick is a bit more out-there. We highly doubt we’ll see it, as it would make the 3DS unable to fold up, and Nintendo have developed a love for that, plus it makes it an easier size for one to take around with them, and size is everything when trying to fill the void between big-screened shiny PSP and easy-to-carry, pick up and go iPhone.


9). Two touch screens?


Would make sense, and would be far more of a new selling point than the 3D thingy, in our eyes. It would open developers up to far more new experiences than just new graphics and effects would.


10). Sharp stuff


Nintendo have reportedly signed a deal with Sharp, for their Parallax Barrier Sharp LCD technology to be used as part of the system. This gives each eye a separate image to look at, making the usual 3D effects work. However, their previous models involved sticking your face up to slits, Virtual Boy-style. No doubt they’ll evolve it into a more bus-friendly device by June.


Also, you don’t have to be psychic to predict that the camera upgrades will come from the same people...

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