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The 3DS Directory

The 3DS games we've reviewed, ranked in score order. Keep checking back, we're trying to fill our review back-catalogue all the time... (This is not a comprehensive 'Best of' list, just of games with formal reviews.)

#1: Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition

Review Here (Review by TR)
Forum Topic Here

"While this may not be the definitive version of “The best fighting game ever”, it’s certainly a very good stab at squeezing all the punchy goodness of Street Fighter onto such a tiny, miraculous screen."


#2: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

Review Here (Review by Gibbon)
Forum Topic Here

"Surprisingly fully featured and has enough big names onboard to get by, even if it hasn’t got the complete star rosters of its rivals, it's certainly the best available at the moment."

#3: Pilotwings Resort

Review Here (Review by TR)
Forum Topic Here

"It’s a lot of fun and if you want it to, it could last you up to around 15 hours, but we can’t shake the air of laziness that surrounds this game. However, if you’ve just bought your 3DS and are looking for something to really show your new system off, then Wuhu Island really is the place to be."

Pilotwings Resort

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