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You'll be able to find all our 5-year celebrations up here. There's going to be some great stuff.

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1. Mario: A Plotted History.


In true Sc-Fi fashion, Galaxy 2 is set in a parallel universe to the original title. Mario has never met the Lumas, never experienced the Bee Suit, and never jumped between two separate worlds with a single leap... How we wish we could be in his situation, all of Galaxy still to explore...


But what does this mean for the game? Well, it means Shigeru Miyamoto and his crew used up all their brain-juice on new gameplay ideas, and so couldn't come up with a new story line. Hopefully the ending makes a bit more sense this time around.


2. He's right hard, that Galaxy 2


Mr. Headline isn't wrong. If you thought Galaxy was like walking a piece of cake through the park with your Nan holding your hand, then Galaxy 2 will be right up your street. It makes the cake a bowl of Curry, shoots your Nan square between the eyes ( Killing old ladies for the sake of metaphors since 2006.) and kicks up a storm in the said park. Oh, and this time there's people pointing and laughing at the way you're taking food for a bit of a stroll.


In case you haven't got the picture by now; Super Mario Galaxy 2 is very hard. The game kills you just because it feels like it. Pass the first few levels and you'll be pulling your hair out so you need an 'M' cap yourself- But still smiling. Galaxy 2 is the most emotionally unbalancing game in the history of the world. Teenagers should only use in short bursts. But then, like any drug, it's so horribly addictive...


3. Who needs a pun? IT'S YOSHI!


Following a fun-but-'different' cameo in Super Mario Sunshine and disappointingly brief appearance in last years' New Super Mario Bros Wii, Yoshi’s are back in the big way we expected of them in the two previous 'Returns'. In Galaxy 2, Yoshi’s act as a half-way point between their original, Super Mario World selves and that cameo appearance in Sunshine. Yoshi without one of his many new (Or newish) power-ups is still a lot of fun: Firstly, he acts as an extra chunk of life for Mario, although those who use him just to take a hit have no heart and no soul and should stick to Modern Warfare 2 online. Once he's been hit, Yoshi runs away in tears: We don't think we've ever seen a more heartbreaking moment in any game.


Yoshi's super-sticky tongue is his other major feature, alongside his flutter jump, which can be squeezed into just one sentence here. The tongue is controlled the Wii Remote's pointer and can be used to complete a variety of tasks, largely involving grabbing poles and other small objects to leap around. All very exciting stuff, but it only gets more exciting when you feature in a certain piece of fruit...

4. Mr. Blue (Floating away into the) Sky


Yes, our worst joke ever is the introduction to one of Nintendo's top ideas this time around. The Blimp Fruit is essentially a blue Mango that transforms Yoshi from a loveable, cute green dinosaur into a bloated, overweight, blue... blob. However this blob isn't without his perks, as Mario can clamber on top and as the poor thing exhales he floats upwards. Not only does this lead to some great platforming in 3D, but also a few fun physics-based puzzle stages in 2D.


5. Light the way


Next Yoshi-form up is Light Yoshi. If your dino-chum downs a Bulb Berry then he magically turns into -you guessed it- a walking, talking (If screaming 'Yoshi!' is considered speech.) desk lamp. He simply glows and looks pretty, although such simple pleasures are very useful when stuck in an over wise pitch black galaxy. He shows pathways and causes platforms to appear just because there's light. Now that's what we call Positive Phototropism.


6. You can't polish a turd...


Well, unless you're Yoshi. In a moment of sheer infantile hysterics, you'll discover Yoshi can eat generic bits of fruit and they'll come 'Out the Other End' as (Wait for it) money. Eh?


7. Doyouthinkheheardus?


The musical score in the original Super Mario Galaxy was joyous- New tunes with bits of old ones and fantastic remixes of classic Mario music. However, that's beside the point, and there's more on the general music over at Reason #40. For now, we want to draw your attention to one thing. Bongos.


For those of you who have played Super Mario World, (And those of you who haven't are fools who should get it off the Virtual Console this second.) you'll no doubt remember what happened when you first encountered Yoshi: As you hopped on his back, you had this newfound sense of freedom and Nintendo had some new-found Bongo Drums, that started playing over the music whenever you where onboard. In a lovely nod to the original appearance of our favourite dinosaur, the exact same thing happens when you start riding your Yoshi. Made us grin so much.

It's just one week until the Game of the Year hits us right in the face and gives us those stupid grins and forever lasting smiles that the original Super Mario Galaxy gave us back in 2007! Nintendo's show-stopping sequel is on its' way, and we felt that the only way to do the game justice is by showing you exactly joyous sensations what you'll be getting for your £35 on June 11th...