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Article: The End of Ten

There’s a big year ahead. Not only are we in for the likes of Harry Potter 6 and so on at the movie, and Pikmin 3 (Voted KN’s most-anticipated game of 2009 in our awards), but also there’s the small matter of new Doctor Who.  There’s what’s bellow, but that’s not all. The 10th Doctor is going to die.


Not a Rose Tyler “Get lost ‘Forever’”. Not a Martha Jones “Look after my family”, or even a Donna Noble “Kill the Time Travelling half, let the annoying, goby half live”. A genuine death.


How, then? Well, only Russell T Davis knows, but I’m going to fling a couple of my own ideas in…

Doctor2 Doctor vortex Tombaker1

-One of his own enemies from the past.


Especially when it’s pretty much been confirmed. (See bellow for why. I don’t want to type it out again.) As said, I believe it’ll be the Master, but it could be anyone. Or, taking a leaf out of the original Shadow Proclamation’s book, everyone. (See ‘The Writers Tale’, by Russell T Davis. I know it’s £30, but it’s worthwhile.)


-The entire universe at stake.


David Tennant’s Doctor is the most popular since Tom Bakers, and how did he go out? By toppling radio telescope whilst battling the Master, with the entire universe at risk of falling into his clutches. Hartnell just collapsed in the TARDIS while Colin Baker hit his head on a Bicycle pump (*Runs*) If Tennant goes out in either of these ways, they’ll be a riot.


-The return of an older companion


Probably Martha or Jack. I really hope it’s not Rose, and Donna will literally burst in a ball of flames if she remembers he days as a Time-Traveller. Maybe someone like Astrid (Hopefully not) or Christina, too. Elizabeth Sladen said that Sarah Jane probably won’t be popping up, as she said in DWM #397. More on this at a later date.


-Lots and lots of monsters


Would be nice, but perhaps a one-on-one, head-to-head between the Doctor and someone of his own intellect (I.e. The Master) would be better. Hmmm…


-More deaths


Could be withstand it…?


-A massive build up.


Imagine there’s something we’ve been missing since Rose in Series one. Something big. If Davis can find and exploit this, it’ll be an amazing episode of ultra awesomeness. Or something.


-Everything wiped


Time reversed? Something similar to that- Davis has said that he’s interested in giving the series ‘A Clean Slate’ for new producer, Steven Moffat when he takes over in 2010. Whether this means he’ll bump off the entire universe, have a massive Dexus ex machina exactly the same as the end of Last of the Time Lords, or just make sure there’s nothing necessarily needed to be returned, (So no Martha-style “I’ll see you again, Mister”s) we don’t know.

The Maybes...

Well, that’s my pretty solid speculation. For more wild stuff, there’s this little place called Outpost Gallafrey…


For more, Check out the Whovian Corner Blog, updated every Saturday with a new article on Doctor Who fanism.

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