5 Years of Us!


You'll be able to find all our 5-year celebrations up here. There's going to be some great stuff.

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Five years of Games of the Year...

Celebrating 5 years!

Five years of the forums...


Five years of KNTV...


Five years caught in our documentry...


Five years of Doctor Who...

5 Years of the Forums...

Of course we’ve reached the stage where KN is five years old- but we can’t forget the forums being on their fifth year as well as the network in general. Grancko is here to cover the best of the forums year by year.



We know that 2006 was where it all started- first topics, first members, first posts, etc. It all began with “BOARD ONLINE!!!” ( by member #1, Toaroni. This topic was simply a short celebration of the forums start- starring Roy-X25, Pegma and Axle417 who unfortunately, have all left us.

A valuable mention to TR’s favourite test accounts: and a more recent non-test account




The quality of topics we had- former admin Gibbon-Master writing in the NEWS SECTION that he’d been bitten by a dog! Honestly, this is class. (

The official “Meh” topic: (

Super Smash Bros. Brawl becomes the first topic to reach 100 pages! ( (

We celebrate the first anniversary of KN. (

Google shall be the end of the world. Or so we thought, as it’s not that strange now. (




TR becomes the first to reach 10,000 posts!

We know this was KN’s second anniversary. (

On Friday December 12th 2008, there was the grand opening of the “new” site (WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING AT) as opposed to the old site ( – and here we saw it all happen: ( The new new website not to be confused with the old new website. (

Also there was the first ever edition of KN News by Knightghost: (

Not forgetting our official Spambot day topic! (

Talk of spambots: The spambot legacy! ( ( ( (

To top it all off: Review of the year:



Matt Smith to be the next Doctor in 2010! (

@Knightnui joins Twitter in February 2009. (

Funky doing what he does best: (

Grancko reaches 10,000 and includes his post summaries/awards. (

Bob gets the glory of being the best topic ever. (

It also snowed.




Nintendo announce 3DS for 2011 (

Some loony runs riot on a golf buggy. (

KN’s Fourth anniversary! (

We talked about several groups of 11 men kicking a ball around.


Facts and figures 2010! (


Look out for more KN Forum-related gubbins this week...

The Forums Themselves