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Blackout Rugby Tourney

Round Two of the KN Blackout Rugby tournament got well underway on Monday, with two games taking place.


KN Rugby off playing against another rival, so manager TR has yet to prove himself in the tournament, although being the most experienced side in the cup, there’s a likelihood he could well do that when the Angry Scotsmen travel to the Chunky Park next week.


Speaking of the Angry Scotsmen, they hosted their first game of the series this week, against fellow debutant the Killer Cows. Doctor-Mario’s side took an early lead with an unconverted try from Number 8 Robbie Cunningham, but only after Killer Cows fly-half Garan Young has missed two penalties.


A burst from Connor Ethberston and Lewis Bowen wasn’t enough to bring the Welshmen back in it, though, as fullback Steven Thompson worked overtime to stop the attack dead. The Killer Cows’ moment did come two minutes later, however, as Young scored a beautifully struck drop goal, putting them only two points behind.


Before long, though, a great break and try from Wendell Corrick put the Dairy Destroyers into the lead for the first time, despite another missed conversion from Young. The lead didn’t last long, though, as George Allan dived over between the posts for the Angry Scotsmen, having shaken off four tacklers. Cisco Lencina, the only foreign player in either line-up, converted right on half time.


The second play began well for the Killer Cows, who launched a strong attack straight from the restart, only for ex-hero Corrick to send a pass forward, disallowing the try. A score came three minutes later, however, only for the Angry Scotsmen, as another Robbie scored, this time in the shape of Dickinson. The conversion sailed wide, but it already looked like the game was gaining to get beyond the Killer Cows.


That didn’t stop them, however, as they launched a great counter-attack a few minutes later, which was prevented from resulting in anything by lock Jake Black, managing to turn over position for his team, and a scrum later and the Angry Scotsmen’s fly-half has delicately chipped the ball out to Lewis Wallace, who scored the home team’s third try of the game- Converted by the said No. 10, Lencina.


Never let it be said that the Killer Cows don’t learn from past experiences, though, as the next score of the game was identical- the fly half chipped to the winger, who sprints over in the corner. Joseph Howells was the scorer this time, as Young missed yet again. The next score was no different, with yet another drawing left of the post. The try however, was great in its own way. A lovely floated pass to 16-year-old Alex Llewellyn, and he was in for a debut try. However, it wasn’t enough to steal the lead, as Lencina knocked over a penalty goal in order to extend their lead by three points.


The tries kept coming for the Dairy Destroyers, though, as the Scots defence began to falter. Corrick was in for his second, leaving just four points between the two teams. However, Young again failed to bridge the gap, but just to rub salt in the wound, Lencina knocked over his second penalty of the night. It was hardly a rout at 30-23, but the Angry Scotsmen constantly looked the better team.



The Angry Scotsmen took a battering this week, as KN Rugby opened with a 61-0 win.


The Angry Scotsmen propelled themselves into second place last week after a relatively narrow 30-24 win over the Killer Cows, but found themselves wishing that at least some momentum had carried over to this match, as the prepared for a hammering.


The game began with KN Rugby flanker Dean MacMurrough pouncing on a loose ball, setting up some phases that eventually lead to centre Jamie O’Scanlan spotting some space and using his pace and power to beat last week’s try-scorer Gregor Crawford and fullback Steven Thomson to squeeze in at the corner, before taking it in between the posts in order for an easy conversion for fellow centre Duke Chamberlain.


It wasn’t long before it seemed like the Angry Scotsmen where in control, though, as a line-out 20 metres from the KN Rugby try-line seemed to show. However, it wasn’t to be for anyone north of the border- A penalty given away by MacNeice allowed English prop Chalmers to barrel ahead of their entire defence, before simply running over Thomson to give KN Rugby a further 5 points, later extended to 7 by Chamberlain.


A break from KN Rugby’s out-of-position Scrum Half Glyn Scarborough (Usually a fullback) almost set up winger Ryan Owen for a try, although it wasn’t to be as heroic defence from the Scots lead to outside-half Lencina bringing him down and turning him over straight away- Although Owen got his moment of glory shortly afterwards, as some great decision making from both of the Hats’ halfbacks put Owen through a gap, sending him in at the corner- Still an easy conversion for Chamberlain, although not as easy a the next try, with previous try-scorer Chalmers driving five yards, leaving No 10 Angel Abbondanzeiri a mere sidestep away from adding seven whole points to KN Rugby’s running total.


The best passage of play from the visitors was ruined after a forward pass between Crawford and Allan spoilt their chance to attempt to fight something back from what was already set to be a thrashing. Not much longer later, any fears about the Angry Scotsmen’s defence where confirmed as flanker Alex Eaten managed to sidestep his way around their defence, the only thing ruining the score was a knock-on by Owen. A try came eventually, as Jamie Donaldson drove over, Chamberlain’s boot adding the extras.


The second half began well for the Scots, although –like every other opportunity- their handling ruined it for them, this time it was Wallace who was left with the burden. None of that for KN Rugby, though, running in yet another time, this one with Utility man Andrew Reynold, whilst Chamberlain’s perfect kicking record stayed intact.


Eaten went on to flop over for KN Rugby shortly afterwards, with Chamberlain missing his only kick of the match, and then diving over a ruck to score his second –With a two-point bonus in tact this time- and fellow back row player MacMurrough shortly afterwards smashing through a tackle in order to score yet another try for the home side, the conversion being the last score of the game.


The Angry Scotsmen where set to claw something back, but it wasn’t to be as Hats wing Charlie Kinsley brought down the attackers before they could score at all- They didn’t give up the ghost though, still trying to attack right until the game ended with a blatantly forward pass.


KN Rugby kicked off in style with a massive win, although the Angry Scotsmen shall live up to their name and hope to claw something back when they play the Hats at home next week.



Following last week’s hammering, the Angry Scotsmen where out for revenge on KN Rugby, and with the home advantage on their side, could this be the week that Doctor-Mario’s men finally hit back following the 61-0 lose last week.


It began well for the visitors, Glyn Scarborough almost scoring, and prop Blaine Chalmers also stopping short of the whitewash. Centre Riley Wallbeoff was also brought down just short, but a try from Scrum-Half Dawes Gibb to score, injuring himself in the process, with replacement Jake Clark coming on as Owain Dawes missed the conversion. He got the next one though, as a lineout from a maul lead to back row Lewis Stapleton crossing.


Dawes continued to impress, shaking off his opposite number for a try that he converted himself.


As centre Alec Eaten dived over in the corner, it began to look like the game was going to have the same outcome, despite another missed kick from Dawes. This wasn’t the case, as the Angry Scotsmen where denied one try by the TMO, before Gavin MacNeice drove over the whitewash, Lencina converting.


KN Rugby stepped up a gear straight afterwards, Number 8 Andrew Reynold pouncing on a loose ball following a scrum, Owain Dawes continuing his kicking nightmare, missing his fourth of the night.


The second half started well for the Scots, Wilkerman almost scoring, but the two of the three try scorers, Scarborough and Eaten, combined to bring him down, Lencina striking a penalty they received straight afterwards. The game then went twenty minutes without a score, but then Shaw –who was denied a try by the TMO early in the game- finally got his reward bursting through the defence to score, the conversion once again hitting bang on target.


Owain Dawes undid the opposing defence with a similar try to his original, stepping every defender that came his way, converting for the final score of the game.


This puts KN Rugby into second place, only behind the Drunk Chunks, who have the bonus of having played –And therefore won- more games. The fixture between these two next week should be massive.

KN Rugby attempt to close in on the top place in the table with a spot of sibling rivalry...


KN Rugby had just found their form again last week, defeating leaders the Drunk Chunks away, after being sent packing the week before. The Killer Cows, on the other hand, are the only team to give the Angry Scotsmen a run for their money in terms of ‘Least Sustainable Team’, their wins coming straight after heavy losses and vice versa.


The two teams classed in Your Kitchen, the home of the Killer Cows, last night, for an epic game, with things starting well for Grancko’s men, only for their hopes to be ruined by a thumping tackle from KN Rugby fullback Scarborough.  The points did come, though, as Garran Young slotted a penalty mere seconds in.


The lead didn’t last long, though, with winger Ryan Owen stepping inside the defence to go over for the opening try, Abbondanzeiri missing the conversion, giving KN Rugby a slim 5-3 lead, buy another Young penalty brought them back behind.



Didn’t take long for the retaliation to happen, though, straight from the restart flanker Preece drove over for KN Rugby’s second try, converted by Abbondanzeiri, and the other winger, Charlie Kinsley, scoring only twenty seconds later, the defence of  the Killer Cow practically gift-wrapping 12 points to the guests.