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Editorial: The Darkening Days of KN?

As I pointed out in this week’s ‘Normal’ editorial, the KN Site wasn’t exactly at its most active last week, and this week? Well, two articles, one editorial (Plus this) and an original video. I know the weekend’s still to come, but it’s not exactly massively positive.


The KN Site was launched last year in December, to great applause. We gathered over 5000 individual visitors overnight, which is good for a site of KN’s size, and we have recorded almost 100 of them as being ‘regulars’. (They visit at least once a week.) The site gets around 10,000 hits a week, and so to A). Not be receiving any help at this time when we’re stuck on very few writers and B). Those writers (Myself included) to not be producing the good for them is not acceptable.


I shall be looking into the writers here at KN, don’t get me wrong, and all you regular readers are fantastic people who deserve more than me moaning week in, week out, but –frankly- I would be moaning at the site if it where me, so to see them accepting the errors of their ways must be a breath of fresh air. I feel that for too long I’ve just got on, or pretended it wasn’t happening, or begged for help- Help that has never come.


This isn’t going to be me begging again, though, (I’d love to, don’t get me wrong) but me looking into why the site is beginning to falter here and now. There’s the possible reason (My main excuse) that I can see the Christmas rush coming in, and I’m resting my energy for that, it might be that we all have other commitments and jobs, or that we’re simply caught up in ‘Other Things’.


It’s a limp excuse, but it’s a true excuse. has fantastic facilities available for us. Two video studios, some witty writers, a great site, plenty to harp on about, and the fact we’re not afraid to spread out to ‘Other Things’ but we don’t seem to be able to use these as well as we should. The ever hard working Knightghost and her fantastic weekly KN News instalments are a mammoth commitment, and one that eats up much of her time. And yet sometimes it feels disrespectful to her when the rest of us can’t muster the content to fill the ten minutes an edition takes up. Was it really worth the tears, sweat and blood that went into it?


But really, the one thing that’s wrong with KN is that we’re not knuckling down. As I mentioned before, I’m going to look at a staff review, which means two things- A). For the readers, you finally get a new ‘Meet the Team’ page to look at, and B). For the staff, you should find your life easier if you’re a KN regular, or harder if you insist you are but aren’t. We want the balance to be equal. Right now, everything published over the course of the past five weeks –At least 30 articles, 10 videos and more nonsense- was either done by myself or Knightghost. Does that seem like a fair workload for a site 10 writers on the ‘Meet the Team’ page?


I’ll end on that point. The weekend’s still to come. A lot can change in two days...