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You'll be able to find all our 5-year celebrations up here. There's going to be some great stuff.

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Five years of Doctor Who...


Episode Guide

1 Eleventh Hour
2 Beast Bellow
3 Victory of the Daleks

4. Time of the Angels (Part One)

24th April 2010

Written by Steven Moffat, directed by Adam Smith

Whovians will remember Steven Moffat's previous stories: The Empty Child, The Girl in the Fireplace, Blink and Silence of the Libary are all considered within the Top 20 Doctor Who stories off all-time by DWM readers, and for those of you who enjoyed those stories are in for a treat here: The Weeping Angels are back to scare your pants off, and Alex Kingston also returns as River Song in the first part on an epic new Doctor Who story...


4 Time of the Angels

5. Flesh and Stone (Part Two)

1st May 2010

Written by Steven Moffat, directed by Adam Smith

The concluding part of the Angel's return trip sees conventions dropped and old concepts reinvented, as the Doctor and Steven Moffat fight two seperate battles: To save the universe and to capture us, the viewers, into what promises to be one of the most enthrawling and exciting episodes of this new series...


5 Flesh and Stone
6 Vampires in Venice

6. The Vampires of Venice

8th May 2010

Written by Toby Whitehouse, directed by Jonny Campbell

The Doctor needs to sort out Amy and Rory's relationship, and what better way is there than a romantic trip to Venice? Only that trip to Venice isn't so romantic when there's a group of mysterious girls who can't be seen in mirrors, have fangs for teeth and hate the sunlight on the loose. Surely the Doctor isn't in for an encounter with something as simple as your common-or-garden vampire...?


7. Amy's Choice

15th May 2010

Written by Simon Nye, directed by Catherine Morshead

Five years on from their Venice exploits, Amy and Rory (Now married) have settled down. They've finaly got to the point in which it's just them, and the Doctor is behind them... Until he pops by for a visit. Suddenly, the trio are flung into a life-or-death tussle with the sinister Dream Lord and given an impossible choice to make...


7. Amy''s Choice
9 Cold Blood

8. The Hungry Earth (Part One)

22nd May 2010

Written by Chris Chibnall, directed by Ashley Way

The Discovery Drilling Project is a revolutionary new machine, allowing human beings to expand their knowledge of the Earth further than ever before, letting us drill as far as 21 killometres under the surface of our world. However, what happens when the Earth wants something in exchange? With an ancient race on the cusp of return, the Doctor, Amy and Rory have their work cut out...


8 Hungry Earth

9. Cold Blood (Part Two)

10. Vincent and the Doctor

10 Vincent and the Doctor
12 Pandorica Opens

11. The Lodger

11 The Lodger

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