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Fall Previews: Part One

Looks like Christmas is going to come early this year, with so many games on the horizon for fall. KN takes a peek at every big realise between now and New Year’s Day...


 PC/360/PS3, Activision/Infinity Ward


You probably already know everything there is to know about the latest instalment in the Call of Duty series, so we’ll rush over it all. The game’s an FPS, with fantastic multi-player, and single player that’s far more solid than the likes of Halo, and its latest challenger, The Conduit. The franchise is juggled between two developers, and this year it’s Infinity Ward’s turn to make the game, who are the more talented of the pair.


There’s bound to be far more to this instalment than to CoD5, and the main campaign now adds all sorts of new things like snow mobiles and helicopters, expanding on 2007’s fantastic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. There are also two further CoD games coming out on Nintendo formats, as shown down the side of this page...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Wii

Wii, Trenchyard/Infinity Ward/Activision


The Wii missed out on the original Modern Warfare, so the format is finally being brought right up to date with this port. We’re not quite sure how feel about them realising an inferior version (Bar the controls, for which we’re betting there’s a 90% chance they’ll be 100% better.) two years after the game came out, on the day they’re realising the sequel. Oh well, at least now Wii owners can at least play the game...

9 6 10

Modern Warfare: Mobilised

DS, n-Space/Activision


n-Space have been handling the DS versions of Call of Duty since, well, the start of DS Call of Duty, and have produced solid, if slightly underwhelming games on the tiny cartridges. This time, they look set to blow everything they’ve done before out of the water.


In adding a new six-player online mode, (First time a online FPS has been done on DS since the simply incredible Metroid Prime: Hunters) a new main game designed for DS rather than a shrunk down version of the big console version and shinier graphics, if you have to answer the call of duty on the bus, this looks like the way to do it.

Bonus Previews!

Crazy Chicken Tales

Wii, Conspiracy


Crazy Chicken Tales is the dark, horrific story of a crazed killer, who began his murdering ways by going on a sociopathic rampage in a local farm. Ever since, images of chicken corpses have haunted his nightmares, until one night, he decided enough is enough- He sets out to slaughter his boss, a figure who has pounced on him for years. However, he decided to do so with a chicken bone- One from the dead hen his childhood brought him. Ever since, the public has known him simply as ‘The Crazy Chicken Killer’. This game is his story, as you attempt to avoid the police and hit more innocents with your cockerel-based ways...


Oh, and by the way, we defiantly didn’t make that up as we only know the title and publisher. No way.



Spectrobes: Origins

Wii, Disney


The Spectrobes series has never been as big as Disney wanted it to be, or actually think it is, but they continue to rock the boat onwards nonetheless. This latest instalment is the first to not be on DS, and therefore should really be promoted as a bigger experience, but they’re not- Disney is actually pretty much ignoring it.


We sort of enjoyed the original, giving it an 82% rating when we reviewed it o the old blog. We’re yet to play Spectrobes 2, but perhaps this closing part of the trilogy shall drive us to. We’ll see...



Metroid Prime: Trilogy

Wii, Nintendo


Just a couple of weeks to go now until the greatest bargin ever realised. All three Metroid Prime games where fantastic, (The original has a Metacritic score of 96%) and so making the first two even more fantastic by adding superb Wii controls and the achievements system would be great if they were being realised individually, as they are in Japan.


But by making introducing the three-games-in-one idea, Metroid Prime: Trilogy is going to be the not just a fantastic game, but a fantastic deal.