5 Years of Us!


You'll be able to find all our 5-year celebrations up here. There's going to be some great stuff.

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Five years of Games of the Year...

Celebrating 5 years!

Five years of the forums...


Five years of KNTV...


Five years caught in our documentry...


Five years of Doctor Who...

Five Years of KNTV

Knight-Nui: Doctor Who, LEGO and Gaming discussion


Here it is: KNTV's first-ever video! KnightGhost put it together, and it was carefuly run through by all the staff, before hitting the 'net. It's still probably our best forum advert to date, although it does look ever so slightly dated in the cold hard light of 2011's day. Still, it's a nice piece for the nostalgia banks.

The Doomy Blastoise: Episode One


After critism of KN's advertising-only channel, TR quickly set out to produce something else. This was the result. Yes, it's not of the best quality, but the series grew and grew from a silly little thing about blowing up that annoying bloke off the Cilit Bang adverts into a huge, epic series with overarking storylines and constant twists and turns. KN's original series, and you could say, still the best, depending on whether or not you think it is still the best.

LEGO Music Video


Something of a departure, KN took part in the music video phoeminum to celebrate the 50th anniversary (We've got some catching up to do) of the LEGO brick. To this day, it's our most-watched and most liked video, with a grand total of 253,373 views and 234 likes, with just a mesely 11 dislikes in return. A massive response to what was expected to be a fairly small video.

Doctor Who: Blink- DON'T BLINK clip


This opened the way for our constant Doctor Who content on the TV channel, it's the second-most watched thing on KNTV, making it a certified hit. More thanks go out to the lovely Carrey Muligan for her fine acting and Steven Moffat for being such a fantastic writer than to the KN team, but we've still done quite well off the back of it.

Knight-Nui News: 19th September 2009


In this first edition of KN News, Knightghost discusses Gibbon-Master's departure, the LHC, KNTV's first birthday, Pichu Hit 'n' Run and LEGO Music Video's record-breaking.


Original and still the best? Maybe.

Knight Nui News 4th September 2010


AKA the 100th edition! Yes, almost two years into the KN News cycle, we hit our 100th edition, which also happened to be the first-ever KNvideo-based event to be streamed live over the internet! The celebrations hit on the 4th September 2010, with news including the new forum markers and other little tweaks. There's also a montage of KNTV characters giving their thanks and congratulations to KnightGhost and Knight Nui News.