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You'll be able to find all our 5-year celebrations up here. There's going to be some great stuff.

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Game of the Year 2010

It’s the usual question for gamers around the end of December: Of all those wonderful titles you encountered during the gone year, which of them was the best? We’ve handed out some pretty high scores this year, although that’s not to say that we’ll be giving the games with the biggest percentages prizes. Games have faded away, while others have had staying power. Some, on reflection, haven’t seemed the same. Christmas is time for a review of our reviews.


This year, however, we’ve changed our system slightly. Instead of announcing our top 20 titles over 20 consecutive days, we’ve opted to do 10 games and run two a week, one on a Monday and the other a Friday, for the whole of December. The first game shall be announced on Monday 6th December 2010, and we’re counting down, starting at Number 10.


We get that our list may not be yours, so why not head over to our forums and say what you think, and also don’t forget to vote in our user awards that opened on Wednesday! Last year had our tightest results ever, and this year the margin between victory and loss for your favourite title could be even smaller, so you’d better get your votes in...

GOTY Start at No. 10... GOTY

The KN List: Top #10