5 Years of Us!


You'll be able to find all our 5-year celebrations up here. There's going to be some great stuff.

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Five years of Games of the Year...

Celebrating 5 years!

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Five years of Doctor Who...

The wait is almost over... What game is going to success The World Ends with You as’s Ultimate Game of the Year? Will we choose a ‘big name’, such as Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted: Amongst Thieves or New Super Mario Bros Wii,  or is another wild card on the menu, just like last year, with something like Little Kings’ Story running away with it?


Over the next 20 days, beginning Saturday 5th December, we’ll be unveiling one game, day by day, starting at No 20, before ending on No 1 on the 27th. (There’s going to be a short break for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.) The only place you can see the results is right here on KN.


Stay tuned...




Each game must have been realised in Europe over the course of 2009, so anything out in only Japan or the USA does not count, but may appear in next year’s list. It may not be a remake, re-realise, port or director’s cut of a game realised within the last 5 years. This means that the fantastic Metroid Prime Trilogy (Which would otherwise certainly be in the Top #5) has been ruled out, due to including the third game, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption which was originally realised in 2007. We have, also, excluded all ‘New Play Control’ titles, although only Pikmin 2 stood a chance of making the list anyway.

GOTY09 #20 #19 #18 #17 #16