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What impact has Guy Fawkes had on Video Gaming?

Hey, everyone! It’s Bonfire Night, and we’re all letting off a load of fireworks, setting fire to those old French exercise books we found in the loft, and watching younger kids burn their hands by holding a sparkler the wrong way up! To celebrate, we could easily have simply made a list of ‘Top #10 Fireworks in Video Games’, with the score multiplier from Super Mario Bros at the top, or we could go ahead and look at something with a little more depth to it, and significant substance, and some historical correctness....


We don’t take our loyal KN readers for fools, but we’ll explain where Bonfire Night came from, anyway.  On the 5th November 1605, a group of Catholic conspirators (Lead by Guy Fawkes) attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament, London using gunpowder. On the 5th November, every year, us Brits let of fireworks in order to remind us of what would have happened if the plot had been successful.


However, it’s not the only time that gunpowder has been used to attempt to destroy an important building. Or at least not in video games...


Sam & Max: Season One


In Episode 104: Abraham Lincoln Must Die!, Sam & Max have to run for president against a giant statue version of Abraham Lincoln. You’re able to attempt to launch a giant missile at the White House if you want, and also to (Even if it never hits) and the episode ends with a certain ex-president exploding. Is that close enough?




Oh, come on, who HASN’T got tired of their city and aimed at meteor strike at their Town Hall?


Swords & Soldiers


The WiiWare classic-in-the-making was MADE for this list. Not only is there a type of warrior who wears a pack of fireworks on his back and launches them at any enemies within view, including the opposing fortress if you get that close, (Soooo convenient if you’re writing a article on Bonfire Night, trust us) but there’s also gunpowder-slinging, teleporting monkeys that let you bring down castles. Awesome.


de Blob


The penultimate level sees you launching an attack on the blobby equivalent of the Houses of Parliament via the power of paint. Ok, perhaps we’re getting more and more tenuous as the list goes on, but at least we’re trying, eh?





Well, umm, there’s our Top #5 ways in which Guy Fawkes has influenced video games. Can you think of better? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do about a second edition. Erm, perhaps next year...