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KN Review of the Year 2009

So, that was 2009. What a year. The KN Site came into its own, and we pumped out more content than ever before. Doctor Who may have been in its ‘Gap year’, but still had a decent enough 12 months, and enough Games where realised to drown us all in a sea of DVD cases.


As with last year, the following is 11 pages in Microsoft Office if you’re using Size 12, and even more than that if you’re one with poor eyesight and need it in a bigger front. We recommend reading this, simply because it’s, erm, a very good way of reflecting, and basically, it took us around seven hours to write the first draft alone, so we just hope you appreciate it. If you enjoyed the year, then you’ll enjoy our review! If ain’t on here, it didn’t happen...





1st- Happy New Year, people! We all shared experiences of how we saw the New Year in over in General Discussion, while we wished you a Happy New Year in the topic in the News forum. Also: A new Guitar hero game is announced for DS.


3rd- Big stuff! Matt Smith is announced as the successor to David Tenant as the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who, as the BBC unveiled at 6:20 on BBC One, in a special edition of Doctor Who Confidential. Everyone in the country stopped and went ‘Who?’ simultaneously as he man with the scary hair came onto screen, but whilst it was all sinking in, KN realised two articles on the matter: One a simple news story, but the other a Whovian Corner piece on whether he was the right choice. Our opinion? See how he goes.


Also, it was Grancko’s birthday. Happy Birthday and all that, GH!


5th- There’s a voting reminder for the KN Awards,


6th- We get a look at the new series of The Doomy Charizard for the first time. Grancko tells us that Mortmal “Isn’t a weak villain”, Wii Sports officially becomes the best-selling game ever made,


9th- First KN News of 2009 is realised today. We won’t mention ever week’s news, of course, but will make note of landmarks.


10th- What We Missed Week begins, with reviews of World of Goo, Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sega Superstar Tennis.


16th- Editors Choices for GOTY. What have we gone for? Not entirely sure now, because Grancko overwrote the link on the homepage, and we can’t be bothered to go foraging through the admin page archive now.


17th- We announce the final Top Five games of the year! Shock! Horror! The winner? Super Smash Bros Brawl, with The World Ends With You in second place, which is another way of saying that Grancko and Gorrila won their quick punch up with TR the night before.



23rd- We hear that Michelle Ryan (The Bionic Woman/Zoe from Eastenders) and Lee Evans (Annoying comedian) are to star in Planet of the Dead, the first Doctor Who special of the year. It’d be a real ‘Well there you go.’ Moment if we hadn’t been starved of information on the four specials...


27th- We name our 120 games to watch in 2009. Most of them don’t get another mention.


30th- KN User Awards results are in! Brawl wins your game of the year as well, but your Doctor Who story of 2008 is Unicorn and the Wasp. As we said then, “Blimey, Didn’t see that one coming.”




1st- The Curious Blog, themed around Professor Layton, begins and manages about a week before ending prematurely.


3rd- Voting for the KN Awards 2008 was due to close today. However, we announced the results 3 days ago. TAKE THAT!


6th- KN signs up on Twitter. Hilarity assures. We’ve made 653 tweets to date now, and intend to continue right through next year. Chances are by the time this is published there will be even more. Little did we know it at the time, but this has had possibly the biggest impact of anything that has happened on KN in 2009. Our first tweet is “Figuring out how all this works”. That is going to go on to become a legendary quote. Also: The 20th KN news is realised.


8th- The Six Nations begins. We offer coverage ‘n’ all that of the first few games.


9th- We hold a KN Brawl tournament. Who wins? Nobody knows. Why? We didn’t post the results on Twitter to beyond Round 2, and we don’t have a good enough memory to go back to the start of February.


14th- KN Forums go down for a day. Wales also defeat England in the Rugby. Brilliant!


15th- TR sorts out the bookcases down at KN Towers. Well, we did say it was going to be a detailed account of the year...


16th- Facts ‘n’ Figures Report 2 is realised. You can expect a third volume in early 2010.


20th- Was the Conduit Really Worth the hype? Our ‘experts’ consult each other on this question, and get flamed. In the end, the game turns out to be disappointing and everyone realises we were right. Better luck next time, Internet.


22nd- Everybody stop and take note! Our 100th Topic of the Week goes out, and we ask for you to vote for your person favorate.


25th- Pancake Day! We spend hours writing this article on Pancake Day, but can’t think of #10 games based around Pancakes, and so give up. The half-written article is still lurking on our hard drive...




13th- It’s Red Nose Day, and KN’s attempting to raise £100 in aid of Red Nose Day. In the end, we got £30 off you- Our loyal, supporting readers and followers. The live Telethon was hosted by David Tennant for the first hour, and featured an awful Sarah-Jane Adventures story, which was only redeemed by the line “Hm. The two Ranis.”


However, something worse is waiting in the wings, as we unveil Chunky the Hedgehog’s S4C Rap. Oh boy...


17th- Madworld review is out, and it’s our only review to ever be published before the game! We really where doing well then. Shame we haven’t got another one like that in.


23rd- Game Developers’ Conference today. Nintendo announce a new Zelda title and a Wii storage solution-esque thing.






1st- We announced that the KN Forums was closing. We did a double take reading the news, and then remembered the date. April Fools!


3rd- The DSi is realised in Europe. We’d had ours for a few days by then, and had been playing about with it enough to conclude it’s a fantastic upgrade from the original DS or DS Lite. In other news, the 20th edition of Knight-Nui News is removed by Google, and so Knightghost begins her struggle to get it out to all. You can download it from KN’s Sister Site, Home Harbour now.


11th- Planet of the Dead! We get our first Doctor Who action of the year, as The Doctor finds himself trapped on an alien planet alongside jewel thief Christina de Suza with only a London double-decker bus as support.


16th- The KN Store launches! And, to date, we still haven’t sold anything. Yeah, we can take a hint.


18th- The new season of TDB begins! A series that has since been dogged with delays and all sorts, and still isn’t finished. But it’s getting there, and Blastoises’ days are getting shorter and shorter...


Also: TWEWY is one year old, member Floppypip (Who hasn’t been on in years) celebrates his birthday, and we have a nap.


19th- Controversial article ahoy! Is the DS the best console ever? The reaction says No. We don’t really care. After all, KN is ALWAYS NEVER WRONG.


21st- The Lions touring squad is announced. TR muses about the lack of Ryan Jones, Mike Blair, James Hook and Chris Patterson- All but one of those later end up in the Lions squad in some way, shape or form.


31st- The final episode of The Doomy Charizard Season two is too epic to be one video, so the 20-ish minute epic is split into two parts. Wow there!




17th- The Eurovision Song Contest sparks some debate on KN, and Slovenia fail to go through, despite having a fantastic entry. Norway win it, although Great Britain manages to get into 4th place, which is great considering we’ve been in the bottom three for the past four years. All together now: “I’m in love with a fairy tale...”


23rd- We go for a week in Spain. Knightghost runs the show for 7 days, and does a fine job.


26th- The E3 Countdown begins, and over the next five days we go through the five Nintendo franchises we’d like to see revived.


29th- We learn that Karen Gillan is to play the Eleventh Doctor’s companion, Amy Pond. We don’t give a reaction. We just stick out the press realise, in which Steven Moffat says that everyone in Scotland is both witty and gorgeous. That’s right Steveo, you tell ‘em.


30th- The Lions Tour gets underway, and turns out to be the sporting event of the year for the Kn Community. It’s really enjoyed by most of us. However, we won’t cover the tour games in here, but just so you know, they do exist, and all results were posted on the Forums.




1st- E3 gets underway! Things kick off with Microsoft’s press conference, in which stuff like Agent, Halo: Reach and more. We, however, take an alternative root of coverage and while the Forum covers sensibly, TR informs the world on twitter that “Halo 47: Halo 3 Again” has just been announced.


2nd- We hear from Nintendo and Sony, who both make some big announcements. Nintendo have Super Mario Galaxy 2 and NSMB Wii, whilst Sony gives us Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and a couple of prolonged demos.


3rd- Barack Obama declares that Nintendo won E3.


6th- We analysis all the big trailers and announcements from E3, including a humungous thing on Metroid: Other M.


12th- Grand Slam Tennis and MotionPlus launch. Our TR spends all day playing it, and concludes straight away that MotionPlus doesn’t work, and just makes games more frustrating. But within a week or two, he’s been swayed, and re-concludes that MotionPlus works and makes game better. It may be worth noting that this is a one-off because, after all, KN is NEVER WRONG.


In other news, we suggest that Lee Byrne gets his own version of Wii game Let’s Catch, and write our first gaming editorial, on the subject of why Super Mario Galaxy will be the best game ever.


13th- TR celebrates his birthday, and plays some more GST, which he still thinks is ‘Broken’. Happy Birthday!


26th- Michael Jackson dies. Great sadness all over the world. We still can’t believe he has passed away...


27th- Final episode of Robin Hood is on. It earns a 9.5 from us in our review later in the week. That’s not bad at all.


28th- KN celebrates it’s third birthday, but we completely forget about it, and celebrate the fact that 49000 topics now exist on the board.




4th- The Lions go and thrash South Africa in the final test. OH YES. 27-9, the final score. Two tries for Shane Williams. Brilliant.


5th- The short-fated KN Referral Contest begins. It never got any participants.


6th- The third and final series of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood begins, and we realise one or two articles we wrote about Torchwood years ago.


10th- LAST EVER EPISODE OF TORCHWOOD. And it’s a brilliant, brilliant episode, very moving and action-packed. The following week it became the first-ever programme to earn a 10/10 from us. Which is pretty good, if you didn’t guess.


11th- The forums are three! But we don’t celebrate. Again.


12th- We make four posts on Twitter about how we seem to think that the Aztecs in Swords & Soldiers have Geordie Accents. We probably offended a couple. Sorry, pet.


19th- We mention that DSiWare game NEMREM features music “Ripped from the opening seconds of Ivor Cutler’s Life in a Scotch sitting room Volume 2” in our review.




3rd- We announce our first DS Top #15! We get a surprisingly positive react, being told we where almost spot-on, although everyone in the world ever saw TWEWY getting #1 as the most obvious thing in the world ever.


10th- The Mini-Fig Adventure is 3! To celebrate, it is realised on KNTV. Joy and wonder to the world!


14th- Flipnote Studio is realise, possibly the finest bit of Animation Software ever, and arguably DS game of the year. We’re very taken by it, and realise a load of our own Flipnotes upon you lot.


18th- Our Fall 2009 previews begin with three Call of Duty sneak peeks.


20th- The Elite Beat Agents review is here, and complete with the now-immortal phrase, “The music is catchier than the flu.”


23rd- Jonny Knee is born! Or, as you’ll probably know him, Joni Ni. The guy is practically our mascot.


31st- We get the FIRST-EVER screenshots of new Wii game Rugby League 3. Oh, we are good to you. We manage to conceal our disappointment to the developers that it’s Rugby League, not Rugby Union whilst scooping the exclusive.




2nd- The KN Blackout Rugby tournament gets underway, and it’s still not finished. We’re waiting for Doctor Mario to come on again and agree to his fixtures.


4th- The new Rugby (Union, natch) season gets underway, and to celebrate we unleash a new article on what video game character the Magners League teams are on you.


6th- KNIGHT-NUI NEWS IS FIFTY! Yes, Knightghost’s weekly newsreel hit its 50th edition this week, and made several brave new changes to its set up, including new theme music, studio and more. At heart though, it’s still the same old show we know and love.


12th- We gave Knightghost time to recompose herself after the 50th Edition by supplying her with the worst week’s worth of news she could possibly have. Just one update! She still got 6 whole minutes out of it, though.


19th- The Doomy Blastoise: Death is a Glorious Thing is realised, and is critically acclaimed by our members.


KN News celebrates its first anniversary today in a special edition, and, boy, isn’t it special!




6th- Nintendo is named the top company in the world by Business Week.


10th- Scribblenauts is here, and we celebrate this very silly game with some very silly photos of us playing it.


15th- The Sarah Jane Adventures begins its third series, and one that left us rather underwhelmed. Despite the odd section of being good fun for all watching, the plotless ‘stories’ and clichéd dialogue beat all in the end.


24th- TR argues that Elizabeth Sladen is a poor actress; The Mad Woman in the Attic gets a relatively average review from us; nothing else memorable.


31st- Halloween! A KN News special goes out, plus an article was half-written, but doesn’t arrive.




3rd- We review the Black Wii, a few weeks before it hits shelves. So that makes it one game and one piece of hardware we’ve reviewed pre-realise this year. Fair enough, we say.


5th- Remember, remember the fifth of November. We look at the influence that Guy Fawkes has had on video games, while Grancko goes to a fireworks display in which half of them fail to light because it’s Britain and it’s raining yet again.


10th- The Waters of Mars gets the preview treatment from us. We suddenly hit the frenzy button as we realise how close it is, and start shouting “WE CAN’T WAIT WE CAN’T WAIT WE CAN’T WAIT!!” repeatedly in the middle of the streets.


In addition to this, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is realised. The KN Site had articles written for it, but not published due to ‘Controversial Views’. Ooh Er.


13th- KN is in Cardiff, capital of Wales, in order to watch this proud nation take on that of Samoa at the mighty sport of Rugby, national sport of both countries. Wales scrape out a win, and we go home pleased enough. Cymru Am Biff!


15th- The Waters of Mars is on BBC One at 7PM! JOY!





1st- The annual KN Advent Calendar begins. In today’s first update, we have our annual festive logo. This year, you get reindeer simply because they haven’t been up on the top of the board before. Hope you like it!


3rd- We introduce our Game of the Year 2009 section to the world. Number 20 in our rundown is unveiled on the 5th.


10th- The KN Awards open for voting, including the prestigious KN Community Awards. You haven’t made it until you’ve won one.


18th-Doctor Who: The End of Time gets the preview treatment today, but not before Pichu finds himself stuck up a chimney.


23rd- Quite a few is the key number as we look ahead at 2010, and what is to come on the gaming and Doctor Who fronts intialy, with more to come before too long.


24th- A new Last-Minute Christmas article, plus a Zelda Wii preview on Christmas Eve? We’re spoiling you. Most places had shut up shop by then


25th- It’s Christmas Day! Doctor Who: The End of Time is on the TV, and presents are under the tree. What more could you want?


26th- The final KN news of the Noughties hits us! The 26th December edition celebrates Christmas in all its glory. Great stuff.


30th- Our End of Time: Part Two preview goes out to the world! We look, second-by-second at the trailer at the end of Part One, as we gear up for David Tennant’s last words in two days time...


31st- The last day of the noughties! This article goes out, and we have some chats on the forums. We write a sentence that should lead neatly into our 2010 Review of the Year. See you in the Tennies!