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You'll be able to find all our 5-year celebrations up here. There's going to be some great stuff.

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KN Sports Personality of the Year Nominations

Mario- The defending champion has once more showed his outstanding character in a difficult year, managing to produce two outstanding displays in 3D Land as well as the remarkably different task of mastering the go-Kart.

He says: “It’s an honoura to be ona the list again! I’ve had a good year and want to to-a top it off with a wina.”


Some mystical creature with a slightly rude name- Having trawled the land of SKYRIM for many an hour and finished many a quest, this particular heroes greatest triumpth is actually just putting up with the name their creator gave them which stopped being funny after about 20 minutes of a 200 hour game.

It says: “I was hoping to win his great award for my bravery… But I’ll just be shot in the knee on stage.”


Batman- The ‘Caped Crusader’ claimed the prestigious KN Game of the Year award in 2009 and hasn’t looked back ever since, this year finally pushing on and managing bigger and better things than ever before.

He says: “It’s one of the strongest fields I’ve ever been in. And I once sat in a meadow with Bane.”


Wheatley- What a year it has been for Wheatley, a little-known Intelligence Dampening Sphere just twelve months ago and now he floats on a rail as one of the gaming worlds’ most-loved Personality Constructs.

He says: “Cor, well, it’s, err, an honour. It’s also quite hard to type a Bristol accent.”


Link- For 25 years the Hero of Time has been saving princesses but had struggled to top his incredible feats in Ocarina of Time for many years, until this year, in which he matched them- twice. Emulating his original feat, then producing a performance just as good come Skyward Sword.

He says: “…”


Nathan Drake- As the only member of the list to have a surname, there’s been much pressure on Drake to keep delivering the kind of results we’ve grown use to over the past few years, and he hasn’t let us down at all…

He says: “Humbled. I’m really honoured to have been offered a chance to receive this award. It’s an amazing opportunity.”


Kirby- Having spent 11 years in proper console-based game exile, Kirby sprung a surprise on the gaming world this year as he appeared not once but twice, including the excellent Epic Yarn, plus in the rather lovely DS title Mass Attack.

He says: “Ayyya!! Upp! Yaaaaa!!”