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KN World Cup Draw

Any Football fans amongst KN’s readership will have no doubt been paying attention to the fact that the groups of the first stages of next year’s FIFA World Cup have been drawn today, leaving England, the USA and Slovenia (The countries which comprise of around 95% of KN’s readership) are going to be playing each other straight away. It’s certainly a shame, but there’s no need to cry as KN’s going to be hosting its very own World Cup...


However, this is not a Footballing affair, oh no. We’ll be having someone from 10 countries represent their nation at something. What? You’ll have to wait, as each round will bring a different skill onto the table.


There shall be a Gaming round, in which the two nations shall duke it out on a set title, there’s a quiz round, where general knowledge shall be the forte, and a skills round where you’ll be tested to the max. And, on top of that, a mystery round which shall be different for everyone.


The draw for this great event shall be taking place at 12:00AM tommorow morning, live here on KN.


(Sorry for not having it tonight. technical difficulties have cost us dear.)