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20 More Things You Never Knew About Professor Layton

21. The Laytonmobile was specifically designed to be as tall as possible so that Layton could get in without having to take his hat off. Hmmm... What is under that hat?


22. A trilogy of movies is planned, the first has just been released in the English language.


23. Layton lifted a BAFTA in 2008 for ‘Best Handheld Video Game’ at the Gaming BAFTAs, the original Curious Vilage walking away with the award.


24. He was also runner-up in the Golden Joystick awards in the same year for the same cataogry.


25. The main trilogy ends with Unwound/Lost Future. However, there are two prequel trilogies inbound, one of games, the other of movies.


26. You may have already known this, but of the announced (With titles) Layton titles, the chronological order goes- Spectors’ Flute (Game 4), Eternal Diva (Movie 1), Mask of Miracles (Game 5), Curious Village (Game 1), Pandora’s/Diabolical Box (Game 2) then finally Unwound/Lost Future (Game 3). Phew.


27. Curious Village is the only game to have had the same title worldwide. The second game, for instance, was Professor Layton 2: The Pandoras’ Box in Japan, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box in North America before finally reverting to the slightly more familiar title of Professor Layton and Pandoras’ Box in Europe. (Note the lack of ‘The’)


28. The third game has gone through the most changes- It was originally ‘Professor Layton 3: The Final Time Journey’ in Japan before becoming ‘Layton 3: The Last Time Travel’. When announced for the west, it was under the name of ‘Layton and the Last Time Travel’, but was eventually released in the USA as ‘Layton and the Unwound Future’, and is set to be put on sale as ‘Layton and the Lost Future’ in Europe this weekend.


29. We’re yet to hear if the fourth Layton game will be released over here, although Nintendo have stated the fifth will defiantly hit the western world.


30. Mask of Miracles, the fifth game in the series, will mark Layton’s 3DS debut, and will offer (Literally) a new dimension to puzzle-solving.


31. The second trilogy and the movies sees us introduced to another apprentice of Layton’s- Emmy, a young-ish girl of whom Luke is initially jealous, however, she disappears before Curious Village can take place- Do we detect a murder?

We’re big fans of Professor Layton here at KN. That might have something to do with the size of our craniums, but it’s not the answer to matchstick-based brain teasers we like to store in there, oh no, it’s trivia on our favourite top hat wearing public school boy. Prepare to be amazed with what we’ve just plucked out of our heads...


So, without further ado, here's our second 20 essential Professor Layton facts. The first lot can be found here.

32. The new Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright is part of the cannon, apparently, and set between games six and one.


33. There’s a slip case that holds all the games available for UK owners of all three from the Club Nintendo shop.


34. Luke has appeared in three different forms over the six games- Young Luke, normal Luke and future Luke.


35. Young Luke is in games 4 to 6 plus the crossover and the movies, normal Luke is in 1, 2 and 3, while future Luke only appears in The Lost Future.


36. Professor Layton’s hat is made of silk. Now there’s a fact you both wanted to know and didn’t already know! Knew this article was good for something.


37. In the crossover title, Layton will begin acting as a Prosecutor. He’s actually an archaeologist, but dabbles in detective work- He’s the new multi-talented Mario!


38. The game was inspired by Phoenix Wright, which meant it was an appropriate source for a crossover. Creator Akihiro Hino claims he wanted to create a similar sort of game, but make it more accessible and cinematic.


39. There was a Professor Layton concert held in Japan by Level-5 to coincide with the third games’ release, around the same time the first game came out in Europe as well. The music from the concert was put and sold on a CD, some of which were also used in parts of the games’ OST albums.


40. Professor Layton wears a hat.