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20 Things You Never Knew About Professor Layton

1. All of the Layton cast are based on characters in Sherlock Holmes. Obviously, Layton is Holmes and Luke Watson, (Not to be confused with the Bath Rugby captain) but look deeper and you can trace back everyone. Don Paolo is Moriarty, Inspector Chemley is Inspector Lestrade... The list goes on.


2. Layton is officially Professor of Archeology at Gressenheller University.


3. In similar vein to the Sherlock Holmes homage, a number of characters from Pandora’s Box are based on those from Dracula. Anton is Dracula himself, while Sophia is inspired by Lucy, and so on and so forth.


4. Luke’s name isn’t just Luke, you know. He has a surname. And that surname is Triton.


5. The supposedly useless assistant is actually far more talented than you’d think: He’s an expert at the violin, normally one of Sherlock Holmes’ traits, rather than John Watsons, but there you go.


6. During the section in Curious Village where you examine Flora’s picture as Luke, it’s possible to touch her breast, resulting in Layton telling him off for being un-gentlemanly.


7. Another Flora fact: She loves to cook, but nobody loves her cooking. Why you’d ever want to know this, we’re not quite sure, but you do now.


8. Layton’s first name is Hershel. Yes, Hershel.


9. Layton’s English-laungage voice over is Christopher Miller- Not to be confused with Chris Miller, writer of movies such as Dreamworks’ Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and a part-time actor as well.


10. Luke was played by Lani Minella in the first game only. Maria Darling took over from there. You can hardly tell the difference between the two’s “Cor blimey Professor!”s.


11. Luke can talk to animals. He does so in Curious Village, although it only unveils one puzzle. A bit useless.


12. Every Layton game has at least one scene set in London.


13. Granny Riddleton’s shack, on the other hand, is the only area you explore in all three games to date.


14. Luke’s original voice, Lani Minella, is also the vocal chords behind Rouge the Bat from the Sonic the Hedgehog games, Ivy Valentine in Soul Calibur and  all seven Koopa Kids in New Super Mario Bros Wii.


15. There are actually 140 puzzles on the first game’s cart, not the 120 advertised.

We’re big fans of Professor Layton here at KN. That might have something to do with the size of our craniums, but it’s not the answer to matchstick-based brain teasers we like to store in there, oh no, it’s trivia on our favourite top hat wearing public school boy. Prepare to be amazed with what we’ve just plucked out of our heads...


Even more so by the fact there's a second 20 coming out on Friday alongside the thrid game...

16. The sequel, on the other hand, contains 174 new puzzles.


17. Back to Luke’s voice: Peter Kay isn’t the only notable voiceover in kids’ series Rory the Racing Car- Luke’s current voice, Maria Darling, voices the automobile itself.


18. Despite being a young boy, Luke has always been voiced by women in their forties.


19. Layton’s car is actually called the Laytonmobile. Seriously.


20. The highest place in the Japanese charts that a Professor Layton soundtrack album has reached is Number 73, which was achieved by Pandora’s Box’s score.