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One through to fifty covered by Mario! That’s it, really. We’ve filled this article with all sorts of useful and utterly useless statistics about the main man and his various games and spin-offs. Most of which, we guarantee, you never knew or really cared about before.


 It’s worth noting that one of these is made up, and only put in because we couldn’t think of something to fill the gap, and another one has been bumped up one digit because we already had something for that number, but not the next one. Figure them out and post them on the forum. There may be a prize in it for you.

Mario By Numbers

1- Super Mario Bros.’s position on the ‘Best Selling Games of All Time’ list, when you exclude Wii Sports.

2- Appearances of Wario as a villain

3- Super Smash Bros. Appearances

4- Original 3D Platformers (Super Paper Mario does not count, nor do remakes)

5- Minutes and 8 Seconds: The world record for completing Super Mario Bros. on the NES.

6- Mario Kart games to date. (Not including Mario Kart 3DS)

7- Koopa Kids

8- Levels in each SMB world

9- Mario RPGs

10- ‘Edutainment’ Mario Games

11- Mario Party Games

12- Pixls in Super Paper Mario

13- Appearances on the Game & Watch

14- Variations upon the Goomba

15- Times the plumber has appeared in non-Mario sports games

16- x16, the grid size limitation that lead to Mario wearing a hat, instead of having hair.

17- Sport games that take the ‘Mario’ name (Kart not included)

18- Games in which you can play as Bowser

19- Games featuring Mario realised on the GameCube

20- Items in Mario Kart Wii

21- Games featuring Mario realised on the NES

22- Arcade games featuring Mario ever realised

23- Mario games realised on a non-Nintendo format (Arcade games not included)

24- Drivers in Mario Kart Wii

25- Years since Super Mario Bros. was realised.

26- Ingredients in the Korean dish “Daima Kuppa”, which inspired Bowser

27- Miyamoto’s age when he designed Donkey Kong, his first video game.

28- Years since he adopted the ‘Mario’ name.

29- Stages in Smash Bros. Melee

30- Number of tracks in Mario Kart Wii

31- Average uses of Super Mario Galaxy, according to the Nintendo Channel.

32- Shortcuts accessible without hacking in Mario Kart DS

33- Appearances on the DS, including DSiWare

34- Stars needed to unlock the Gold Leaf Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy

35- Number of selectable characters on the Smash Bros Brawl menu.

36- -1, the level title given to the infamous Minus World in Super Mario Bros.

37- Mario-related games with a Wall Jump (Wario, DK, Smash Bros., etc. Included)

38- Locations in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

39- Kb of memory: The total size of the original Super Mario Bros.

40- .23 Million: The sales of the original Super Mario Bros.

41- New enemies in Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Not including Silver Chomps)

42- Million $- Cost of the Super Mario Bros. movie.

43- Boss fights in Super Mario Galaxy 2

44- Boo’s HP in Super Mario RPG

45- Mario-related games on the GBA. (Wario, Yoshi, DK, etc. Included)

46- Stars needed in Super Mario Galaxy to unlock the Deep Dark Galaxy.

47- The quickest time in seconds TR has won a battle in Mario Kart 64.

48- Skin toned pixels on the original Mario sprite (Super Mario Bros. NES)

49- Red pixels on the original Mario sprite (67 Brown ones, too.)

50- cc, the first class in all Mario Kart games.