Super Smash Bros. Scrap:

Well, simply enough, each Smash Bros game gets better. And seeing how amazing Brawl is, it’ll be hard to overtake. I find it highly possible that the next game to take its place is Smash Bros. itself.

It’ll have more characters, stages, modes, features, online stuff and...Everything. I know you’re thinking. “More stuff doesn’t mean better stuff” Well in my opinion, it can. I think most of the stuff in Smash Bros can’t get better.

Super Mario Galaxy 2:

If you played Super Mario Galaxy, you loved it. (And if you didn’t, you clearly have no sense of fun) It was the most joyous, colourful, balanced, well-designed, most brilliant game ever made. Quite simply, if you don’t like Mario Galaxy, then I don’t like you

So let’s just look at the facts: New levels in Super Mario Galaxy –From the trailer, have the same level of care and precision gone into them- with EVEN MORE than in the previous game. Plus, we’ve got the small matter of Yoshi. Possibly the greatest creature to ever appear in any video game, ever, and you’re able to use him? If the game fails to get 100% in our review, then something has majorly gone wrong.


Twilight Princess


All new Zelda games where banned, as we'd pretty much end up with an article on the future adventures of Link instead of the 'Next Best Games in the World'.

The Super Game!:

I know what you’re thinking: What on earth is The Super Game!? Well, it’s quite simple. Playing as Master Chief, you have to travel across the Mushroom Kingdom in order to stop Kratos –Who’s finally lost it- from restoring Sonic the Hedgehog’s reputation as the best platform character around, and destroying everything in his path. The game is a action platformer/shoot ‘em up/RPG, with weight loss elements.

It’s due out ‘Eventually’ on every format known to man.

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