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Number  14:   Madworld

Back in our review of Madworld, we wrote the following statement: “Our Gorilla tipped this as one of the Top #5 Games of the Year, and he can’t be far off. We loaded the game up to firstly be utterly blown away by the beautiful presentation”. Well, not quite Top #5, but Madworld has comfortably settled into the Top #15, and all we said about being blown away still stands. If we did a ‘Presentation of the Year’ category, then chances are Madworld would come out top. As it is, we’ve got to jumble the looks and layout along with other bits such as the gameplay and the fun we had playing it, and yet Madworld still doesn’t do too badly.


As far as the visual stylings aare concerned, we'll refur you to our Review: "It’s the obvious joke, but it has to be used again: What’s black and white and red all over? No, not a newspaper, but Madworld. Platinum Games’ debut (The stunning Bayonetta –Their second game- is due out in January) a very dark beast. The entire game only uses the two colours used for characters and backgrounds, but kill somebody and there’s a sudden burst of red as if there’s been an explosion in part of the Crayola factory. Yes, blood. The blood is particularly striking in Madworld down to this element, and it makes the comic violence all the more shocking for it."


Yes, violence. What Madworld thrives on. As Jack (A comic reference to the fact that every other action hero has that name these days) you are, for some reason, thrown into a deadly game show in which the only way out is to kill the most people, and in the best ways possible. So, for example, you could chainsaw the guys to pieces. Or, you could chuck him in the bin, uproot a lamppost and nail it through his cranium. The possibilities are endless. It’s the variation that makes Madworld so much fun.


By adding a sense of humour and two genuinely funny people as commentators, it means you’re slightly drawn out of the gameplay experience, and the sheer horror of what you’re doing. It’s almost like watching an adult edition of You’ve Been Framed. People are getting hurt and accidental slip-ups are happening, and some geezer in a voiceover booth making it even funnier. Had Sega secured Harry Hill as the commentator, then they might have just got that Top #5 spot...


Publisher: Sega

Developer: Platinum Games

Format: Wii

Genre: Beat 'em Up/Action

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