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Number 17- Wii Sports Resort

July. Why is it that next to no good video games are ever realised in July? It’s a shame that all big realises are crammed into the final weeks of November, instead of exploiting the fact that it’s never really that sunny in Britain, and giving us something to play other than Frisbee on a water-logged beach.


Well, thankfully, Nintendo saw sense and realised Wii Sports Resort during those summer months so we can, erm, play Frisbee on a virtual beach.


It doesn’t stop there, though. Miyamoto and his team have gone and crafted an excellent summer title that’ll keep you amused during the supposedly hot months whilst Blighty continues to make us feel like we live in a fridge. There are all the sports you plan to go out and do over the holidays but never actually end up doing, such as Wakeboarding, sun-baked Golf and Parachuting.


These are all gloriously recreated. There’s plenty of hidden challenges to try your hand at, Pro Levels to achieve, (Although there’s still nothing quite like the now infamous ‘Get a Pro Level on Tennis in 3 hours’ challenge our TR went through one January morn.) and enough events to go through without getting bored of the same stuff all the time, YET much games have the depth of the five from the original Wii Sports.


There are a couple of stinkers, (Who wants Cycling?) but even the worst events are indefinably improved by the new MotionPlus control scheme. The game comes bundled with a little cube you plug into the bottom of the Wii Remote that activates total 1:1 motion sensing. We did a review of it after a couple of frustrating rounds on Grand Slam Tennis (Another MotionPlus game that was unlucky to not get a place in our Top 20.) and scolded it, saying it’s too over-sensitive, but then occasionally balances everything out by seemingly switching off. But we should have known better than to judge a piece of Nintendo hardware without using it on some Nintendo software. Nintendo know how to make you love their kit, and the second we went back to EA’s version of Wimbledon after getting our selves acquainted with Wii Sports Resort, we found ourselves doing things with a Tennis ball Andy Murray could only dream of. Then we booted up the game and stopped being so   immature.


Wii Sports Resort is the best summer game you could ever find. It’s also –Until Red Steel 2 turns up, anyway- the best MotionPlus title available. An absolute must if you’re a Wii owner; only chances are if you’re getting one for Christmas, you won’t need it as Nintendo have seen sense and started giving away the disc for free with all Wii consoles for £180 still. Forget Christmas, it looks like the Summer Holidays have come early.



Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Format: Wii

Genre: Sports

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