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Number 19- Killzone 2

Killzone was a mess. A shambles. A FPS done wrong. Well, not done wrong as such, but it was almost designed to be the most generic game they could possibly make. The total lack of original ideas along with too many bugs and glitches made the game fall so far below the ‘Halo Killer’ it was build up to be.


So imagine our surprise when we played Killzone 2 and –Wait for it- it turns out to be a decent enough game. Not just decent enough, it’s both great to play and a visual treat. Amongst the best-looking games on the PS3, a system world renowned for its graphics, Killzone 2 may not be original with its looks –So much of it are dark tones, albeit ones that fit the bleak mood.- but they are oh so effective.


However, this was not a surprise. There was a reason our jaw dropped during Killzone 2, and that was when we noticed that it had the gameplay to follow up the graphics. An instant place on the list. Well-designed maps, good controls and some of the best AI we’ve seen this year lead to us being able to call Killzone 2 the best sequel of the year.


“Hold on...” you’re all thinking “What about Modern Warfare 2?” well, as much as it may be the better game, the latest Call of Duty isn’t much of an improvement on the original. Modern Warfare was brilliant. Modern Warfare 2 is brilliant. Killzone was pretty mediocre, if we’re honest. Killzone 2 is a fantastically contrasted game. Congratulations, Sony.

Publisher: Sony

Developer: Sony

Format: Playstation3

Genre: First-Person Shooter

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