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Amy's Choice

Amy Pond has had a cakewalk so far. Yeah, she had to walk through a maze of fleeing Weeping Angels with her eyes closed, and she had to take on a Dalek, but even being almost killed by vampires is nothing compared to the massive task on hand in this episode.


As you may have guessed, in Amy's Choice, Mrs. Pond has to make one of the biggest life-or-death decisions she could ever possibly make. A few years on from the Doctor, Amy and Rory's flounce out in Venice, the Doctor goes back to the (Now) Williams household and meets a ponytail-sporting Rory and a pregnant Amy. However, it's not all happy reunions, because it isn't long before we first encounter the sinister Dream Lord.


The TARDIS trio find themselves in an impossible situation. (They usually do, actually.) It's not so much it couldn't happen, but that it can't be solved- The three are trapped in two worlds at once. One is real, the other is some sort of alternative reality. The only way they can get out of this odd limbo is by killing themselves in the dream world, waking them up. However the trouble is knowing which world is the dream world, because killing themselves in the other one leads to, well, death.


This episode stars Toby Jones as the creepy Dream Lord, a man in full control of the situation he has placed the Doctor, Amy and her new husband, Rory under. He is set to give a belter of a performance this Saturday tea-time, and while he doesn't have the credentials in the acting scene of, say, Episode 4 & 5's Alex Kingston or 11's James Cordon, he is still a fine actor and this could easily be a breakthrough for him. His character, as first-time Doctor Who writer Simon Nye puts it, "Started off as a darkly threatening, virtually mute, evil genius." However, Nye clearly got more and more fond of him, giving him more and more to say. "Infact, you ca't shut him up now! And the Doctor really, really wants to."


The hero-villain clash sounds mouth watering, but the clue-chasing, truth-seeking plot combined with high-class dialogue penned by a well-known writer, (Nye was the man behind Men Behaving Badly.) should make Amy's Choice a -wait for it- 'dream come true'. Thank you, we'll be here all 'night'.


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