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Fallout- New Vegas

The latest game in the successful post-apocalyptic RPG series, Fallout: Las Vegas is set to continue on from Fallout One and Two and takes place 3 years after Fallout Three and 29 years after number 2, although it has no direct relations to number three.  It depicts a three way struggle between the New California Republic, Caesar’s Legion and the local New Vegas populace. (Only partly being hit by the nukes. the player sticks as a Courier who was left die only to be saved by a robot. This is all we actually know so far.


The Short trailer does not depict much about the actual game, instead showing a robot different what seems to be a grave, followed by a man wearing a Vault uniform saying "War Never Changes “It’s been rumoured that this actually will be the opening to the game, although this is unknown.


The game sticks to mostly the Fallout 3 system, and uses the same game engine. The other main difference in Gameplay is another new mode and an upgraded VATS system (Vault-Tech Assisted Targeting System).


The New VATS system now adds gory deaths to be shown in slow motion (Yuck!) and in better detail. The only major difference is that VATS now use Action Points and Melee weapons get special moves. The only example so far is the "FORE!" attack using the golf club.


The game also generates a new mode: Hardcore mode. Basically, it does what it says on the tin.  This still follows the normal story and gameplay (again similar to Fallout 3,) although this time adding the challenges of needing the character to drink water, ammo will have weight, healing is a lot slower, and other minor changes, all to make the game seem for realistic.


Many returning features include the already mentioned VATS system but the SPECIAL system returns and directly changes speech options and missions. Perks are still kept very much alike Fallout Three, which the game seems to be moulded on. Karma (From Fallout 3) and reputation system (From Fallout 2) have also returned. Basically showing you the path you can take, whether it is the NCR, or CL.


The game is currently being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Founded by the creators of Fallout 2. Many of the old Fallout 2 developed is back in, such as Chris Avellone and John Gonzalez. This gives confidence that hopefully this game will be the best (and is sometimes as reported) as the biggest Fallout game of all time.  


Even though the trailer might have left something to be desired at least we know we shouldn't be waiting too long for it now. Speculated release dates say around Fall of this year although it’s yet to be confirmed. As a Fallout Fan girl myself I'm hoping it will be good, coming out on all three platforms, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

KN Preview:

Format: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Genre: Role Playing Game

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Publisher: Namaco-Bandai

Out: 'Fall', apparently.


Erm, yeah. This is the first Fallout photo we found in our archives, so here it is. It's a moody robo chap. Enjoy!

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