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Preview:  Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

The first of, no doubt, many movie tie-in titles to hit Kinect, it’s no surprise EA are looking to try and impress with their first effort. And while in concept this may seem like a good idea, it takes around a minute to see through the flaw in the design.


The game is controlled via. waving the wrists as if you’ve got a wand in your hand, with either Harry or Ron (Or both, if you’re playing in the co-op mode) doing the necessary to fire off spells. It is, like on all formats except DS, an on-rails shooter, meaning you thankfully don’t have to walk around as well, as the ‘shooter’ part means we’re in for hundreds of enemies in each stage, and therefore hundreds of arm-waggles. People just don’t find this fun, you know, EA.


The game itself doesn’t look to have much depth, either. It’s clearly Gears of War inspired, but it’s not as inspired as Gears of War. A somewhat flat experience from start to finish, we can’t say you should be placing any pre-orders for Deathly Hallows. Now just thank us for not putting in one ‘magic’ or ‘boy who lived’ pun in the whole preview.


Out on Wednesday, also coming out on friday for PS3, Wii, DS and PSP.

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