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Preview:  Kororinpa

Where Monkey Ball failed us, Hudson's ball-rolling efforts made up for it. The Kororinpa series is still only two games long, one short but oh so sweet, the other stupidly long, filled with extra bits. We're hoping for something in ...the middle here, with enough levels to keep us entertained for a longer period than the first, but make it more compliable than the sequel. Hudson are good for listening to their critics, so hopefully it'll be a prolonged Kororinpa, not a port of the awfully-named MARBLES!! Balance Challenge!.


Kororinpa is also the only game thus far on 3DS to have confirmed tilt control. While this seems like a good thing, the best moments of the Wii titles came from flipping the remote upside down to send your ball into freefall, carefully timing your second gravity shift- After all, the games hook is that you have total control over the floor, and therefore gravity, rather than a character. How this will come through is a mystery, as you can't exactly flip the 3DS upside down- You won't be able to see the screen, after all! We also have no idea how this will use 3D, although it would be quite nice if a launch title did a Super Paper Mario and proved that the best games don't need to use the consoles gimmicks, in this case 3D with no glasses.


Our list of demands for Hudson is getting pretty long (If the Pig ball isn't back there will be blood) but we're confident they can pull it off. They say healthy rivalry is exactly what we all need, after all, without it Nintendo wouldn't need to bust a gut in the way they have to deal the killer blow on the PSP, and so hopefully with Super Monkey Ball and Kororinpa both due within the first 3 months of the handhelds launch, they can both bring the best out in each other.



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