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Resident Evil: Revelations

Ironically, not much is known about Revelations. It'll be a brand-new game, the first time a Resident Evil title has debuted on a handheld, it's a shooter, a la the rest of the series, although it's unknown whether... it'll be a fully explorable, open game like the main series, or an on-rails blaster, akin to Umbrella/Darkside Chronicles on Wii. We'd hope for the former, although we're still not entirely sure what the 3DS can and can't cope with, so that might be a bit far for the handheld, although we can dream. Taking a punt, we'd say a game more similar to Resi 1 and 2, where you're lead around, but move the character freely yourself.


In fact, the only revelation made was just how lovely the graphics the 3DS can produce are. Capcom claims to have got the Resident Evil 5 engine running with the handheld, and we wouldn't be surprised at all if this is actually true. The visuals look far smoother than they did on Wii in its' many spin-offs, certainly, and while not quite on-par with the PS3/360 game, it's nearing it. 3D was used a lot, too, in the video-only demo. While it didn't seem like overkill, it was only 5 minutes or so, and if the same level of eye-popping effects continued, we'd find ourselves reaching for the 3D Slider faster than you could say 'Red and Blue panels'. Resident Evil, along with Metal Gear Solid, is the game that proves the 3DS will be a major force in gaming for some time to come- Big-name hardcore franchises, amazing graphics and all within the consoles' first 9 months? Don't mind if we do.


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