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The Beast Below

Think of any of Steven Moffat’s episodes for previous Doctors and what’s the first word that should come to mind? Scary.  And so it’s no surprise that after one ‘Introductory’, more light-hearted episode, its back to the day job for Moffat, doing just what he does best- Giving kids nightmares.


So how is he aiming to do it this time around? Well, firstly, there are the sinister Smilers. As the Doctor puts it “Those smiling chaps” run the UK, and just to make things even worse, the whole of our wonderful sovereign nation has been shoved onboard a huge spaceship, millions of years in the future. In a similar vein to the Empty Child from, well, The Empty Child in Series One, they take a relatively every-day thing and twist it into a horrific, repulsive form. “There’s nothing creepier than something that’s supposed to look friendly and human, but doesn’t manage either.” Says King of Terror himself, Moffat, and we’re inclined to believe him.


Moffat also describes this story as “Big” and “mad”. In the context of Amy’s journey with the new Doctor, it doesn’t get much bigger- Her first trip out into the stars, and if the trailer you can watch to the right is anything to go by, her chance to stand and scream a bit. Well, a lot. Every companion goes through this period of still not being use to this new view on the world that the Doctor shows them, and here it’s Amy’s turn, as she tries to adapt to the new lifestyle while totally out of her personal comfort zone.


We’re told that the episode contains some of “Most surprising twists the series has seen” and contains more than its fair share of jokes to help balance out the darkness of the more frightening scenes, and will contain Oscar-nominee Sophie Okonedo. Sounds like Moffat’s onto a winner. So good it’s scary? Just wait and see...


Episode Two

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