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Professor Layton VS. Phoenix Wright:


Professor Layton! Phoenix Wright! Together! Today, Level-5 (Makes of the Layton series) have just confirmed a partnership with Capcom (Developers of the Phoenix Wright saga) that will see a new title headed to 3DS under the name of Professor Layton X Gyakuten Saiban, the first-ever meeting between the DS’ two best boffins While neither are detectives, the obvious link is that of the crime solving mechanics of both series that will no doubt be brought to us in glorious 3D.


However, surprisingly, not everyone is for this. Forum Administrator and co-Creator Grancko isn’t with editor TR’s opinion this is the greatest thing since top hats. Perhaps it’d be best if we leave them to settle their differences in essay form- 250 words or less, please...

Crossover heaven

The Defence: TR

The Prosecution: Grancko

The world has, officially, gone mad. But in a good way. In a great way, in fact. In the kind of way that makes us want to bake a cake the size and shape of Trent Bridge. I still don’t believe this is happening. Every time I’m on my own I’m stopping, thinking about it and screaming to myself. This may not be a balanced argument, but its how I feel.


This game has already caused me uncontrollable fits of happiness just thinking about it- Just imagine how I’ll feel when I actually play it. I’ve been through every game in both series to date and have hardly had a cross word with either- No, they’ve kept me entertained with far more original puzzles.


While I can’t quite see how this will work, the sheer concept is mind-blowing. Apparently, Phoenix and Maya visit a strange town in which illusions are craftily tangled with reality, leaving them to team up with Layton to try and figure out what is going on. I can see the plots twists already.


By combining both games’ greatest strengths,  (Layton as a game, Wright as a script) Level-5 should be on to a winner. I don’t know what Grancko is going to find to moan about. The only negative I’ve got is that I don’t have enough words to wax lyrical about it.

Personally, I just find it’s a silly idea. I also can’t believe this game is real because it’s such a stupid idea!  The only thing the two series’ really have in common is that they both have puzzle elements, but how are you going to string a story together with that alone?


I feel that it will be pretty much the same story as Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games did in the “Adventure” mode. Sure, it’s great to have the two great gaming rivals in one story, but when you see Vector the Crocodile talking to Donkey Kong it’s just taking it way too far. Then there’s when characters from one series saying “Hey, I’ve heard all about you!” to characters from others when they’re meant to be two completely different worlds. And I’m getting the same impression with this.


To be fair, I think that apart from the concept and storyline, it’ll be a pretty good game. Phoenix Wright being a text based game; the writers from Capcom have the job to script this. Meaning we get the genius outcomes we got in Ace Attorney. Then with Layton being better as an actual game with replay value etc; Level 5 and Capcom would make a good combination. But really, they should make a new concept with new characters and a new setting and overall, completely new.

TR Grancko