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Is Black The New White?:

The Black Wii Reviewed

Here’s a quick news flash for those of you not braced in new hardware realises: The Black Wii is realised in Europe on November the 6th. And November the 6th is this Friday, for those of you not paying attention.


Alongside it, they’re realising the new Classic Controller Pro on the 20th, plus Black accessories (Wii Remotes, Nunchucks, Remote skins) on the same day as the console launch. America isn’t getting the painted console, although is that really a bad thing?


KN being based in the UK, we don’t really know what the American public think of the darkened machine. However, we do know that (Whisper it) we’re secretly rather excited. OK, you could just nip down to B & Q, buy a tub of black paint and slosh it over you shiny white games-box, but having the lovely glow the matt black seems to give off is actually hypnotic, and that mind-controlling power could easily be sued to make Nintendo some quick bucks.


When the Wii was first revealed to the public, it was black. A small, rectangular shaped, black object with the word ‘REVOLUTION’ on it was held in Nintendo president Iwata’s hands, but the moment it became ‘Wii’, the whole image changed to an Apple-inspired clean white, targeting both ‘Hip’ youngsters and families, who may somehow be ‘Intimidated’ by the blackness of their new console (Something that never happened with the PS2.) or believe that white would go better with their living room- Where Nintendo was aiming to get the product.


There was talk of the black Wii launching alongside of the white one, but such talk was dismissed due to the idea that families –Who where just oohing and ahhing over the concept of buying a new Wii for the kids, and not being lured into Nintendo’s trap with Zelda- would spend too long wondering which version to get, and ultimately not buy either.


And for almost three long years, the black Wii went forgotten. While developers got charcoaled consoles, Joe Public out here got none. Yet June this year, Nintendo dropped a bombshell and announced that the black Wii still existed, and was on track for realise later that month in Japan. In early October, they did a similar thing with Europe. And now we’re all oohing and ahhing over the concept of buying a new Wii for the simple reason that the slate look is so much sexier than the plain old white.


Is the black Wii worth buying, though? While this article hasn’t really worked as a review, we hope it’s probably more interesting than it would be if we simply said “Err, well, it’s the old one, but it’s been painted. Black.” But instead we’ll focus in a bit more as we do our ‘Review Piece’ on the Black Wii.


The box contains not only the shiny black console, (Which you can, genuinely, see your face in.) plus the matt black remote and Nunchuck, plus a MotionPlus unit, and two free games- Copies of Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports, both in just cardboard sleeves that we didn’t know they actually did.


A concern of ours was that the black surface seems to pick up finger prints far, far easier than the original white one- Ruining the experience the moment you take it out of the box. However, imagine our delight when we discovered that buried somewhere at the bottom of the box is a little cloth to wipe all those grubby prints off, meaning the console looks nice for longer.


Ultimately, though, the black Wii is entirely pointless and just a way of squeezing money out of innocent people. You’ll lose all your data in Smash Bros., and every single bit of online information, not to mention your Virtual Console and WiiWare games if you switch. Besides, lovely as it is, you’re not ‘Upgrading’, as you where with the DSi or PSP Go, but just painting the console. Those without a Wii, we can’t recommend it enough: Not least down to the fact it’s the same price, but has a MotionPlus unit and Wii Sports Resort bundled in as well. However, don’t you go giving those black Remotes and Nunchucks a wide birth- They give you the aesthetically pleasing look, but without shelling out £180 on something you (Whisper it) really don’t need two of. The Black Wii isn’t big news, and rightly not, but if you don’t already have a Wii, it could be big fun.




Console by: Nintendo

Software Compatible: All Wii Discs

Downloadable Content: WiiWare/Virtual Console

Top Games: Super Mario Galaxy (98%), Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (96%), Super Smash bros Brawl (96%)


"If you don't already have a Wii, and like Black, go for it"%