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Matt Smith, eh? This time last year, you probably hardly knew him. This time two years ago, there’s a 9 in 10 chance you’d never heard of him. And yet, here he is- the new Doctor. And the great thing? He looks marvellous. While many have thrown him aside, saying that he looks like he won’t reach anything like the dizzying heights that his predecessor David Tennant reached, here at KN we can confidently say that we know he’ll be fantastic.


Just watch the most recent trailer. He delivers the “There’s one thing you never want to put in a trap...” line perfectly, proving beyond doubt that he can act. The other complaint is that he ‘Looks weird’. Anyone saying this is clearly forgetting that The Doctor is an alien. He’s not supposed to look entirely normal. Is he too young? Nah, if you’re good enough, you’re old enough, as they say.


From trails and clips, it looks like this Doctor is more of a Jon Pertwee-type all-action Time Lord, rather than the ‘Talk it through’ of Tennant’s Doctor and the other ‘classic’ incarnations, or the ‘Shout until everyone else gives up’ of Christopher Eccleston’s character. He’s been seen dangling off the TARDIS, kicking someone in the chops and jumping off a high ledge. KN recommends none of those to human beings.


Steven Moffat says he’s clumsy. The clip of Episode 6 (‘Vampires in Venice’) shown of Friday night with Jonathan Ross last week shows him just stumbling into a Vampires headquarters and bumbling his way through a conversation with, as he puts it “Creepy girls who hate sunlight.” His comic timing is pot-on, even if the ‘Tell me the whole plan!’ sounds a bit out-of-place, his voice suddenly changing.  


Frankly, we think he’s going to be an amazing Doctor, and certainly one of the best to date...

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