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If Matt Smith is going to be a great Doctor, then Karen Gillan is going to make an amazing companion. Just watch any trailer or clip so far. Her every line seems perfect, and the bit in one of the previews where she gives the Doctor a confused thumbs-up is a moment of sheer gold that could only be delivered by those who possess a natural acting gift.


Many members of the forum have agreed, stating that she could just save the series if they don’t like Matt Smith, which –Confident as we are in Smith’s abilities- may be the way they see things.


Of course though, an actress can only be as good as the script, so we’re lucky that it was Steven Moffat assigned the task to moulding Amy Pond from a sentence briefing to a human being. In past, he’s created perfect characters such as Sally Sparrow and Madame de Pompadour and got rid of them within an episode, so to see him finally get someone who can be stretched throughout a continuous story arc is fantastic, and we can’t wait to see how the character of Amy develops.


This, of course, isn’t Karen Gillan’s first exploit into Doctor Who- Oh no. In fact, she appeared in Series Four as well, although you can be forgiven if you didn’t recognise her. Playing one of the soothsayers in The Fires of Pompeii, she spent the entire episode under heavy make-up, making her face plain white and unrecognisable. This time around, however, you’ll be able to see a bit more of her lovely features.


How do we sum up what Karen Gillan as Amy Pond means to this series of Doctor Who? Well, to put it simply she’s the first ever female companion with a Scottish accent. If that isn’t a great recommendation o this new series, we don’t know what is.

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