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The BBC’s excellent Sherlock series got no coverage from us when it came out earlier this year- A real shame, as it was a cracking mini-series. In order to make amends, as part of Professor Layton week, we’re pitting each Layton character up against the one that inspired them in the original Arthur Conan-Doyle stories’ modern incarnation. Sparks shall fly...

Layton V Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Vs Professor Hershel Layton

SHERLOCK: Armed with a swanky new QWERTY phone and his quick wits, Sherlock would easily be the bright of the bunch, no matter how many more academic qualifications the Professor has. Able to see straight through every lie and walk through any case so long as his eyes are open, Sherlock Holmes under Steven Moffats’ control is both an action hero and a deep thinker, more than a match for the Hershel.

LAYTON: Never leaving a puzzle unsolved, Professor Layton rather likes to drag things out and find every last detail as opposed to Sherlocks’ less time-consuming approach. A famous thinker and archaeologist who has more degrees than is probably healthy, the good Professor is also accustomed to dabbling in a bit of sword fighting and can hold his own in a bout of fisticuffs as well as being excellent at making tea. What a gent.

THE WINNER: Sherlock (S: 1 PL: 0)

Doctor John Watson Vs. Luke Triton

JOHN: An ex-army Doctor, John is still adapting to life with Sherlock Holmes. Having been shot once already out in Afghanistan, John feels every victim’s pain and makes a good partnership for the carefree Sherlock. A qualified doctor, he’s obviously got more than a little boy, right?

LUKE: A complete idiot. Luke is master of pointing out the obvious. “Hey look, Professor, a tree!” and so on- However, despite the supposed thick exterior, Luke often pulls of miracles and solves stupidly tough tasks on his own, including some of the 100+ Picrat puzzles. Yet these occasional forays into the land of the thinking don’t quite justify a victory. Sorry, Luke. And yes, it was the accent.

THE WINNER: John (S: 2 PL: 0)

Detective Inspector Lestrade Vs. Inspector Chelmey

LESTRADE: A very stern officer, Lestrade only makes room for Sherlock Holmes. And even then, that’s only because he’s Sherlock Holmes. He knows what he’s doing, and that’s what makes him pretty much the only detective that Sherlock can stand from Scotland Yard. Professional yet more of a well-rounded character than his opposite number, can Lestrade seal it for Sherlock?

CHELMEY: London’s best detective, also in charge of Scotland Yard. Layton’s equivalent, however, is more of a family man who loves cake and has a bit more of a sense of fun, even if his work suffers slightly from that. Yet he can still catch the majority of criminals that come his way, which hands him a narrow win for the Layton side.

THE WINNER: Chelmey (S: 2 PL: 1)

Jim Moriarty Vs. Don Paolo

MORIARTY: A criminal mastermind. As in, a proper one. Every wanted a crime arranged? Moriarty is the one to do it for you. However, if the police get to you, it’ll end there- Nobody ever gets to him. Without spoiling the final episode, he’s creepy and yet strangely compelling to everyone. One of the greatest villains of the modern age.

DON PAOLO: A camp little man who has no real reason to attempt to kill Layton, yet he does anyway. He pops up every now and again to try and make his life a misery, yet only ever ends up making us question why he had to get involved. He always fails although he does have an awesome moustache.

THE WINNER: Moriarty (S: 3 PL: 1)

Mrs Hudson Vs. Granny Riddleton

MRS HUDSON: What a showdown! A comedy old lady against someone who’s sole purpose is to let you solve puzzles you’ve missed. Mrs Hudson is the source of comic relief on many occasions, she provides very little in the actual stories but as Sherlock and John’s landlady, she does all that was required of her. A favourite here at KN. (Which tells you something we didn’t want you to know yet...)

GRANNY RIDDLETON: She’s not even a character. She just sits in her hut and gives you puzzles that you missed earlier in the game. Really, she didn’t stand a chance before we gave her such a negative write-up, and certainly doesn’t now against the almighty Mrs Hudson.

THE WINNER: Mrs Hudson (S: 4 PL: 1)


It’s a clear 4-1 to Sherlock, and even then it could have easily been 5-0. A bad result considering it’s Professor Layton week, although it’ a great result for you Americans who shall be experiencing the series for the first time on USA TV on October 24th on Masterpiece. Result!