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Staff Games of the Year 2010

I’d just like to mention that I am not all-seeing and have not managed to play every single game released this year: In fact, the time I’ve spent of a couple of these entries kind of made that impossible. It’s for this reason you don’t see the likes of Red Dead Redemption and Bayonette gracing the fine halls of my Top 5. Black Ops, on the other hand, isn’t in because I hate it. Enjoy.


I've just updated this list on the 31st of December 2010 as I only just remembered about WarioWare DIY- A brilliant piece of software that waltzed into my Top 3 with ease...


Editor and Webmaster

FUN FACT: He shares a birthday with the Oslan twins.


#6: Enslaved (PS3/360)

Lovely storytelling. Beautiful cut scenes, well put together and in such a cinematic style I couldn’t help but love it, even if I didn’t see it through to anything near the end. Had the game been slapped out there without it, it would have been OK, but it’s only with the extras does it put itself above the likes of Epic Mickey and other action-platformers that caught my eye this year.

#5: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky


150 hours. That’s how long I’ve spent on Dragon Quest IX, and I still feel I’m only scratching the surface. In throwing out the character-lead structure of the previous games, Square-Enix have created an enormous adventure that is so open-ended, you could confuse it for a packet of biscuits in Dawn Frenchs’ house. On addictiveness alone, DQIX gets in the top 5.

#4: Donkey Kong Country Returns

mass_effect_2_pc Galaxy 2 Cover DKCR

So harsh, but so fair- Donkey Kong Country Returns loves to kill you. There’s nothing it gets more of a kick out of than you stumbling off a cliff or effing and jeffing as you forgot to crouch at a crucial point in a particularly nasty minecart level, yet not once did I feel like it was cheating me. Developers: This is how to make your game difficult. Fantastic graphics and music combined make this one of the best Wii games to date.

#3: Mass Effect 2

Ah, Mass Effect. Practically the definition of the modern RPG. A huge game, so big it’ll take you at least five play-throughs to see everything. The difference between Mass Effect 2 and, indeed, it’s prequel, is that they make you want to see everything-The sort of way no RPG has felt since The World Ends With You. Great space nonsense.

#1: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Normally, I like to praise original titles that dare to be bold and brave- I’ve never handed a #1 to a game with a number on the end before. Well, until Galaxy 2 walked in- The irony that ensured as this sequel to one of, if not the, best games ever made which was so commonly praised for its endless train of ideas, can be so much more creative than any other title released this year. Every second of it was pure gaming bliss. Every death seemed fair and every star seemed within reach- Finally toppling the ultra-tough final Grandmaster Galaxy was an achievement only topped by Nintendo for making the game in the first place. Simply put: I loved Super Mario Galaxy 2 and I don’t understand how some members of the team haven’t gifted it the top spot. It’s perfection in a DVD box.


#2: WarioWare DIY

I forgot all about this while compiling my list, to the extent it was published without what has turned out to be one of the most enjoyable games I've played in years. Techincaly, it's not a game as you make the games yourself- It's something that never gets old and even when you run out of room on your DS you can transfur your games across to your Wii and back when you feel like using the stylus rather than the pointer. I find myself constantly coming back to make new games, based around a new film, a news story, a particarly stupid thing a friends done... Great stuff, how I missed it I'll never know.