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Kinect Review

by Rachel Price

Its Midnight on cold, dark, wet Tuesday in December and myself and my husband (like many other parents around the globe that day) are in a que eagerly waiting to purchase Microsoft’s new phenomenon Kinect.

The sales assistants are trying their hardest to get us to purchase a number of accessories, giving their over rehearsed speeches about various games, while all the time I have my eye on the adorable Kinectimals interactive Maltese Tiger that is sat waiting for me behind the counter. I found it almost impossible to take the staff at the store seriously as the night before, another midnight purchase, they were all dressed up in Army gear rolling around on the floor pretending to kill each other trying to sell me everything from Tshirts to Black Op’s car stickers. But they assured me that Kinect was going to blow my Wii out the window............ They were not wrong!


With Kinect Microsoft have created the first fully interactive home gaming experience.

It scans your every movement constantly taking photo’s of you throughout your gaming, which you get to see at the end of each trail/task, making it the most self-indulgent console ever.  A genius idea on their part as this console is aimed at children/teenagers and I am yet to meet a young person that is not impressed when they see their own face on TV screen, well done to Microsofts advertising department!

It is extremely sensitive and really does manage to pick up every little movement, it also has a microphone enabling you to communicate with each other online without the use of a headset. Sometimes this is annoying as when playing COD or Fifa for example, if someone is being nosey in the background this can be heard by your opponent, very annoying if your headset is not turned on and you have forgotten about the Kinect being on whilst arguing with your husband because he’s hogging the Xbox!


Kinect Adventures comes with the console and is a very good game if your playing in a group, Kinect Sports is also good but in my opinion Wii Sports is far better.

If you have a small area in which to play in it is virtually impossible to play Kinect Sports with two players as the console allows you very limited space and will not respond if you are in each other’s area’s.

The jewel in Kinects crown is Kinectimals, there is no other game as fun or adorable as this. You start by adopting your chosen animal (which is the hardest part as they all so cute) then you go on a journey of adventures with your pet, teaching it tricks and completing challenges.  If you purchase the special addition of the game you get your very own teddy, an interactive Tiger that is wearing a cute little gold name badge.

Now this is the clever part......

Each name badge has a bar code which you can scan onto the on the console and unlock a new Tiger that is identical to your soft toy, it gets better, you can also scan it with your Ipod Touch and Iphone’s allowing you to care for your Maltese Tiger anywhere you go.



Kinect is by far the best gaming experience on the market at the moment and I would highly recommend it as a Christmas present for any one under the age of 21.

I however now have to purchase two Ipod’s for my children so they can take care of ‘CUTEY’ when they are not at home!!!


Kinect Coverage

Rachel Price

Good clean family fun


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About The Author

Rachel Price more known on twitter as @RayRayP is Radio Cardiff presenter with her show on the air on Thursdays from 11 am to 12:45 pm. Always cheerful and willing to give a shout out to anyone who nicely text or phone Radio Cardiff in the time of her show and full of surprises when comes to music rolling on the programme in that time.


These are well known facts about her, but a bit less known is her enthusiasm for gaming I've encounterred while listening to her talking about Black Ops and Kinect.


You can listen to Rachel Price on Radio Cardiff 98,7 FM or live on


(Radio Cardiff Presenter)