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Me and TR have gone down as greatest managers in the history of Newcastle United. Well, on FIFA '10, at least. Under the name of Ken Filise, our first season as manager went very well. Newcastle was in the championship as one of the best teams to begin with. Our first game was a fairly easy one, we won and the score was around 3-2. The following week, Newcastle had a shocking 2-2 draw with Derby County at home, so we realised we needed to make some improvements.


On the transfer market we saw Michael Owen up for sale from Manchester United, so we brought him back to his old club, Newcastle. On his first game of his return he scored a hattrick, leading the Toon to a rather comfortable victory. But we were still conceding too many goals, so we signed another from Manchester United: defender John O'Shea. We were building quite a strong team with goals falling out of the sky with our up front trio of Andy Carroll, Alan Smith and Michael Owen, with the odd goal from our midfield of Nicky Butt, Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton.


We weren't anywhere near the end of the season before being guaranteed a playoff spot, winning the English League Cup and reaching the finals of the FA Cup. With about a fifth of the season to go, we were guaranteed champions of the Championship and had already won English League Cup, meaning the Magpies won the double in the first season under their new manager. It wasn’t long before we completed the set, winning the FA Cup in an 8-2 thriller against Arsenal at Wembley.


When the transfer window re-opened midway through the season, Newcastle signed Welsh Striker Robert Earnshaw and England International goalkeeper David James.


By the end of the season, the top six goal scorers in the championship that season all played for that club; Michael Owen in first with over seventy goals to his name, Andy Carroll, Alan Smith, Robert Earnshaw, Peter Lovenkrands (AKA George North Guy) and Nicky Butt. Joey Barton and club skipper Kevin Nolan also crept into the list somewhere, I just don't remember where exactly.


Also, by the end of the season, Newcastle came first in the table with over 120 league points and second place, Swansea City were over 40 points behind.


Season One Summary

Season 2: More victories?

Going from Division 2 to 1, Newcastle went into their second season under this "new" manager on a high. Simply, you must focus on the positives when you've just been promoted to the Premier League, and also when your team has just won 3 trophies and went undefeated last year, and the worst score was 2-2!


In the first couple of weeks into the season, Newcastle signed Welsh International superstar of a defender Gareth Bale who took the place of Danny Simpson in the first team, also taking the free kick duty. On his debut for his new club he scored 2 goals. Newcastle have this welcoming tradition of bringing players up to the penalty area for their first match! Bale has become a favourite at the team, he trusts his skill with the ball whenever getting it in defense.


Rather early on in the season, they started their EFA Cup campaign. They topped their pool rather easily, and shot through the knockout sages and reached the final. I can remember when the final came, they knew they were favourites and definatley the better team, and in the changing rooms they were told their targets: "We don't just want to win this game, try and win this game by 5 goals and prove we are deserved champions!" and that is what they did. In the end, their game was won 6-1 and was clear proof they deserved to win the tournament.


Next up was the English League Cup. Newcastle went into the last few rounds already with a piece of silverwear and belived they could nab another one! Ihn the final they played Everton and convincingly won with 3 or 4 goals the difference.


Quite late on in the season, Newcatle got their new record win under the new manager: 17-1 in the Premier League. Michael Owen scored 6 goals in that match, also David James, the goalkeeper, scoring 2. There was a spectacular piece of skill bv Gareth Bale from a free kick: Newcastle had a chance to simply get into the box, draw the goalie and give after an excellent run down the wing from Kevin Nolan. But before this goal could happen, Newcastle lost the ball just outside the box from an illegal slide tackle just outside the box. Gareth Bale was given the kick four or five metres from the "goal kick" line and about five metres outside the penalty area. Of course, the opposition expected him to simply cross it in and somebody could hit it to the back of the net, but Bale tried the curved shot. Of course, from this range it would not be possible to do a simple curl into the goal, so he managed to pull of a C-Shaped curve and the dive of the goal keeper missed the ball. Great goal, but remember there was another 16!


Next came the FA Cup. There was the final the season before where Newcastle came out victorious in an 8-2 win over Arsenal. This time, they were up to play Chelsea and you guessed it, Newcastle won. 7-2 was the score in the end, not as good as last seasons final, but a wins a win! At the half time break Newcastle were LOSING 2-1, but then made the 6-goal comeback in the second half, including one from David James!


Finally, this seasons premier league was drawing to a close. The final was up against the new rivals Arsenal. Even though only 3 strikers were on the field at once, Andy Carroll and Michael Owen both scored hattricks, plus Peter Levenkrands and Robert Earnshaw both scored 2 and Alan Smith scored one. But that pretty much sums up the season! Goals falling out of the sky, the attacking being superb, an immense midfield and solid defending. Bring on season 3!