5 Years of Us!


You'll be able to find all our 5-year celebrations up here. There's going to be some great stuff.

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Five years of Games of the Year...

Celebrating 5 years!

Five years of the forums...


Five years of KNTV...


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Five years of Doctor Who...

The first-ever Podcast is here! This being our maiden podcast and everything, we're aware that it isn't perfect, and there is a lot of stuff that perhaps would be different in future editions, so send us your feedback at [email protected], and not whatever addresses we give out in the middle of the podcast, as we've since checked, and their WRONG. Anyway, since this is our first ever podcast, you can also listen to us bumble our way an hour and a half of random discussions and marvel at our gormlesness! However, this acting as a pilot podcast, none of these improvements will ever be made if this one isn't a smash hit sucess. And in order to help us achieve that level of fame, on this month's show we have-


-Two middlands boys trying Oxford and Cockney accents, as well as (At other points) trying to mimick the geordie, liverpool and german dilects.


-A nice little chat about Bioshock: Infinite


-Our thoughts on Metroid: Other M.


-Some political views told in a very childish manor.


-Why Sherlock is the best thing on TV in ages.


-What characters to avoid in LEGO Harry Potter.


-Some form of discussion about Goldeneye 007.


-Chat about a few games neither of our hosts have ever played.


-Matt Smith: Is he popular?


-TR sounding very detrimind as he makes a statement about the DS


And, obviously, much, much more. Listen at the link to the left, or download and listen any time you like, or on your iPod or other MP3 player. We're currently working to try and get future editions published on iTunes, but for the time being, this one is avalible exclusively on the site itself...

The KN Podcast Episode 1


Starring: TR and Grancko

Duration: 1hour and 34 minutes

Date of realise: 22nd August 2010

Date of recording: 16th August 2010

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