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You'll be able to find all our 5-year celebrations up here. There's going to be some great stuff.

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The New Pokédex-

Part One


Chances are, Chillarmy will be a Pokémon to avoid. It's some sort of furry thing, that has typical cuteness-based abilities and is a normal type. It's a boring atempt to try and capture the hearts of a nation, when what we really want is something like Snorlax that reminds us of ourselves. (Erm, well, some of us, anyway.) Or something like Psyduck that would have 13 on 'Amazingness' if it where on a Top Trumps card that rated it's stats out of 10. Not a small rodent with big doe-eyes. Bleh. Boring.

Chillarmy Emonga Giaru Gigaiasu Gochiruzeru


It seems like Emogna is one of the few promising Pokémon in this game! We're pretty convinced he's related in some way to Pacharisu. You see- Electric type, same facial expression, yellow cheeks, it would make sense. But, Pacharisu isn't in this game. Unless you can breed Emonga with some kind of special item you unlock after finishing the game. So if it's not an evolution of Pacharisu, you've just wasted your time reading this.


Apparently, Giaru's  English name is "Gear". What an original name! Gear seems like your typical Electric/Steel type. Looking at the name and appearance, they're meant to be... gears. But we're convinced it's just Magnemite in a funny hat., right?


Gigasiau is a new rock-type. Looks like the sort of thing that will pop up mid way through whatever the huge mountain is in this game, like there was Mt. Coronet in Diamond and Pearl.We're guessing it'll only be rock type, but it learns fire type moves such as Flamethrower. The red rocks on his legs and head just scream "Fire type". [Note- Not literaly] Also, it seems like this version's answer to Graveller or Bronzong, strong-ish rock type, anyone? [Note: We know Bronzong is actually a steel type, but they are still similar.]


They say that Gochiruzeru is a Psychic type. You can see, the typical psychic type in Pokémon is just funny coloured skin and a weird body. Gochiruzeru looks like it has a Christmas tree for a body. But, apart from Psychic type moves, our guess is that it learns a couple of Ice, Fighting and Poison moves. We originally thought Gochiruzeru was an ice type because of the colour scheme. It's quite similar to the likes of Froslass. The purple in it's face suggests poison type, and so do the small purple blades on it's arms. Though it may just look purple because the art so far is from before she's had her morning coffee.