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The Top 10 GameCube Games


All Time

It’s dying. Rewind just a few short years and there where sections of shelves bursting with budget-priced GameCube classics. While time has not been kind to many of the must-loved purple boxes so-called hits, (We’re talking to you, Wario World) others have been delivered through what many called ‘Nintendo’s Lost Generation’ to present us with some all-time classics that may well one day stands up to the likes of Ocarina of Time and Super Mario World. And so, in the first of our new regular Comprehensive Back-Catalogue Guide feature, we’re going to pick out the top ten tiny discs you simply must own...


NOTE: For the sake of argument, we’ve excluded The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, as that will be featuring in the Wii list, and so we’ve left it out. If you’re looking to this for backwards compatibility, then get the Wii version. Controls and enhanced graphics lead to a marginally more enjoyable experience.

The Comprehensive Back-Catalogue Guide:

#5: Super Mario Sunshine

Somewhat of a controversial choice, Mario Sunshine is frequently panned because Nintendo dared to play it slightly differently. And just what is wrong with different? This is as pure a platformer as you shall ever get, and aside Mario’s other three adventures into the third dimension, one of the best run-and-jump games around. Even by adding ‘spray water’ into that magical equation, the game never ceased to amaze- It was a massive game, with the usual 120 stars hidden throughout many levels, all of which with more to do than in the other 3D Mario games.


Although perhaps that’s where it went wrong. The reason this isn’t any further up this list is because the game was a bit over-expansive. Mario started off only able to run in a straight line, so why change that? The games’ best levels came in the form of the ‘Void’ stages, in which Mario lost the FLUDD backpack and had to leap around random blocks- Creating some of the greatest pieces of design of Miyamoto’s career in the process. Mario Sunshine may have been a controversial choice, but if you ask us, it was the right one.


#4: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

#3: Resident Evil 4

Take a glance at our team profile on the KN Home Page and you’ll notice that almost all of the team seem to dislike two certain genres more than any others: Survival Horror and Shooters. And so the greatest testament to Resident Evil 4 we can possibly pay is by saying that, even with this handicap, it overcame this and managed to rank so highly on this list. The game is thrill-a-minute stuff, but also ranks up as one of the scariest experiences you’ll ever come across. The moment you first see a village full of zombies will stay with you forever.


Perfect controls and excellent level design match the games’ scope and atmosphere, creating a truly unforgettable experience. It had the creativity that no other Resident Evil game, hell, no other horror game, has and will drag you into its’ world- Whether you like it or not...

The obvious line to take about Wind Waker is the way the graphics split the Zelda fan base right in two. While we sit on the ‘Love it’ side of the fence, it’s only once you overlook the visual style that you discover how good the GameCube’s first Zelda is.


The sailing may not sound like a very Zelday concept, but it makes the scale of the game so huge, as literally an entire world is at your command, with many different islands just a quick boat trip away. The story was an epic that took you all over that said world. The dungeons had a sense of fun about them that was lacking in more serious Zelda titles such as Twilight Princess. All in all, The Wind Waker was an utterly enchanting experience that just wouldn’t be the same with Twilight Princess graphics...


#2: Metroid Prime

Samus Aran had been out of action for eight years when novice developers Retro Studios won the chance to create a new title based around her and her intergalactic adventures. And at first, it didn’t look good. Rotten level design coupled with poor controls lead to one Mr. Miyamoto flying out to Texas to have a word. And what an influence that man must have had- Within months, all problems where fixed and the game looked like a very decent title.


And, more so, what talent Retro Studios clearly possessed when they knuckled down- All aspects of the game where polished and we were looking at a game of the year contender. Then it came out and gamers where blown away. It was a first-person shooter... But it wasn’t. The sense of solace and isolation was overwhelming- Metroid Prime has got to be the most atmospheric game ever created. And the for mentioned controls and design? Exceptional. Really exceptional. The game was also tough as Ms Arans’ cyber-nails- Even finding where you wanted to go and advancing was tough, leading to a real sense of achievement if you ever beat it. Quite simply, one of the best games ever made and very unlucky to miss out on the top spot. No wonder she’s hardly had a quite half hour since, let alone eight years.

#1: Super Smash Bros Melee

This was it. The best selling game on the GameCube, the most played game on the GameCube, the most heavily anticipated game on the GameCube... And now our, officially, best ever GameCube game. Never before this game had one single title devoured so much of our time. The greatest mutli-player game of the generation, it turned a solid enough fighter (The N64 version) into something with a lot more depth, pace and most importantly, love. Not just the clear Nintendo love bursting through every single hole, but there was a sense that rarely come through (Especially in fighting games) that every single member of the development team loved what they were doing.


It was the first great Smash Bros. game. Brawl may be bigger, but Melee was the one that turned it into such a grand ordeal. Plus, the floatier physics means that the skill-luck ratio is more in balance than in the Wii game, where there’s a bit less of a chance for complete novices to beat expert fighters- Ironic considering Nintendo’s new ‘Casual’ market. It may not have the atmospheric single-player of Resident Evil 4 or Metroid Prime, but with the amount of content there to unlock and the literally endless hours of gameplay available to you, we think it deserves to top the list.

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