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WORLD OF GOO: Constructing The Bridge

The Finest Game on WiiWare™ didn’t really hit its stride until around the fifth level, by which point you’ve got use to the goo-collecting and the goo-building shenanigans, but are yet to encounter anything that really asks questions of you. However, this moment comes when a huge beasty lets you wander straight through its mouth, provided you can get to the other side of this huge gap. The skill required to get your Goo balls into perfect position to balance a way across isn’t as formidable as some of the games’ later levels, but as far as difficulty spikes come, this is the best ever. It’s made even better when back hunting the OCD flags, as you have to use as few Goo balls as possible to collect 12 from the 20 you start with...



When we wrote our article on whether 100% is really all it’s cracked up to be, we took Galaxy 2 out of the consideration. Getting the final star in that game not only shows what a momentous achievement you’ve managed, but is also so rewarding as the final star is one of the hardest bits of level design we’ve ever come across, and nailing it at long last is arguably our favourite moment from 2010 as far as games go.


FIFA ’10: Knocking One In

FIFA ’10 Wii, unlike ’09, ’11 or ’10 on any other format, is less a super-sim for those who love the beautiful game, but more of a celebration of goals. Goals rain in from absolutely anywhere. A more arcadey feel, that’s for sure, but you won’t really clock that until you randomly take a shot from around half way, only for the goalie to guess the wrong way and the ball to hit the back of the net. There’s just no feeling quite like scoring from inside your own half. Only on Wii.


MARIO KART WII: Final Straight Dash

It’s the same highlight for every Mario Kart game: Lining up a green shell perfectly, firing it, and not only hitting your target with expert skill, but all pulling off a slipstream to go past your rival and into first place, on the last few inches of track. This may not have been improved by the Wii Wheel control, but accurate online play certainly did.


VIRTUAL CONSOLE: Tom’s Midnight Gaming

Around Wii Launch, there was a real buzz about the Virtual Console that has unfortunately fallen away now. There was nothing quite like sitting by your little magic white box and waiting until the clock struck twelve to press the ‘OK’ button on the select channel screen, just to find out that it’s Donkey Kong Jr Maths and not Ocarina of Time.

50 Wii Moments

SUPER MARIO GALAXY: You spin me round, baby, right round

You’re hopping, skipping and jumping along, when suddenly you fall off the edge- Something that all other platformers have taught you result in a Game Over screen. When suddenly something miraculous happens. Gravity spins you round, and you’re hopping, skipping and jumping along the underside of the world. This ten-second period rips up all you knew about platformers. Mario Galaxy can, and will, reinvent every single rule out there and now you know it.


WII SPORTS: The First Swing

Forget Mario Galaxy 2’s heart-in-mouth pixel-perfect jumps, this was the biggest leap of all when it comes to playing games this generation. The pointer in its self was a marvel. Getting past the Mii creation screen was an achievement. Yet it wasn’t until you fired up Wii Sports and selected Tennis that it all began. The opposition serve and the ball comes flying towards you. You swing your ‘racket’ and it clicks. This Wii thing just works. Magical.


GOLDENEYE 007: Dominating The Dominator

We’ve all been there. You’re just starting out online, yet nobody seems to appreciate that, seeing it as a free license to kill you. However, GoldenEye 007 slows down the usual Call of Duty template to make it a bit more of an accessible field for new comers and the best moment of our online career thus far came when snipping down a guy called ‘connor’ who’d been giving us grief for the past three matches. It may occur in other FPSes, but it’s the extra pleasure we took out of lining up the crosshair with the Wii remote’s pointer that put this above doing the same with a 360 pad.


LOSTWINDS: This is WiiWare

Starting up LostWinds was an incredible moment. Safe in the knowledge it was a good game, you’d start it up to be confronted with one of the most beautiful sights you’ll see in Wii gaming, as the lovely cel-shaded graphics create a fantastic atmosphere of tranquillity. Play the game and it seems like everything you wanted WiiWare to be has come true: This is a proper adventure, a whole game that could be on a disc, mine for only £7. The revelation was enormous, so it’s just a shame three hours later when the whole thing ends.


PIKMIN: Point ‘n’ Click

Pikmin was a brilliant game on the GameCube, but a frustrating one. While Nintendo did the best job we’ve ever seen of mapping an RTS to a console pad, we couldn’t help but feel at the games harder moments we could do with slightly more control. In steps the Wii Remote and the New Play Control! re-release.  Suddenly, we where despatching all kinds of enemies with ease and pace. An excellent use of the controller.

It was four years ago today that Nintendo’s Wii hit the shelves for the first time. With pretty simple marketing, it picked up massive public interest and outsold all ‘serious’ consoles, leading to more hardcore titles like Zelda taking off. A genius move by Nintendo has since been followed up by not only them but a number of other quality developers, with hundreds of titles now available for the machine. The best bit is, there is an excess of excellent titles, and even more fantastic experiences. Here’s our list of those greatest moments, in no particular order, that makes having a Wii worthwhile...

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