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DE BLOB: Paint The Town Red

de Blob may have had the frustrating flick-to-jump mechanism, but besides that it was a very well-designed platformer that had the unique gimmick of covering anything you touched with paint. While the aim was usually to cover X amount of objects with X colour, the real fun came in the big, empty spaces that didn’t change upon touch. You could sit there and splash the paint on over the floor or walls. Even for those who aren’t arty, this was so satisfying.


MYSIMS: The Mario Fridge

This isn’t exclusively the one item, but a few hours into EA’s first experiment into alternative versions of The Sims is when the creative shackles really come off. You’ll be growing in confidence and suddenly remember you don’t just have to build the item in the semi-invisible frame. A hit of inspiration is all that separates you and creating an oven shaped like Boris Johnson’s head, or a TV that vaguely resembles the Death Star. Utter creative brilliance.


INTERNET CHANNEL: Fanboys do what Nintendon’t

For the first few months, the Wii’s internet channel was an incredibly exciting place. At first, it was just getting games that suited the pointer controls to work and finding ways for other applications to work on Wii, such as radio and TV streaming. However, it didn’t take long before people where getting the buttons working and you could have entire games with proper Wii Remote controls up and running just by pressing the right letters. Sadly, hype surrounding this channel has largely died out.



The most adorable moment of any video game. Press down on the D-Pad in the Wii version of A Boy and His Blob (Which, by the way, is animated absolutely beautifully) and the titular boy will hug the titular blob and the not-so-titular player will melt inside. The fact it goes on to become such a punishingly tough game is certainly made odder by this inclusion.


SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2: Throwback Triumph

A small spoiler coming up here, but by the time you reach the 70-star mark in Galaxy 2, you’ll have no doubt been blown away by some the incredible new ideas that are leaking through this sequel in almost every level. However, it’s none of these that sticks in our minds best at that landmark: It’s the Throwback Galaxy, a near-perfect remake of the Whomp’s Fortress from Super Mario 64, complete with a full-on rant from the end-of-level boss. One of fantastic games best moments.


GOLDENEYE 007: Dump Warfare

It was a classic moment in the N64 GoldenEye, so we were very glad to see it make a comeback for the Wii remake. Pretty much everything has been re-done, but you can still creep up through the air vent, crawl over a cubicle, take aim, and kill a man sat on the toilet. There’s even a second guy stood at a urinal who we took out with a single headshot. It may seem odd, but it’s the highlight of an action-packed solo campaign.




Twilight Princess was pretty much the perfect launch game. While it had to work as a 1-2 with Wii Sports to draw everyone in, it is arguably the deepest, most engaging game on the Wii to date, even after four years. However, no bit was more atmospheric than the point in which you’re approaching the first showdown with Ganon and slowly climbing the levels of Hyrule Castle. As you go up each one, the music gets more and more dramatic and eventually starts to fade into the Ganondorf boss theme that appears in every Zelda title. While the actual gameplay was the bread and butter for this section, it was the musical jam that really made it.


50 Wii Moments


Not ‘Magical’, but certainly ‘Memorable’. Mario Kart Wii would tease you and tell you that you could unlock a brand new racer if you managed to beat 20-odd staff ghosts in Time Trial mode. However, what it didn’t tell you was that your ‘reward’ was one of the worst characters Nintendo ever designed. Should’ve let Rare keep him.


SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL: Master of Unlocking

Brawl is probably the biggest game on the Wii. There’s over 500 trophies, over 1000 stickers, 35 characters, even more stages and even then there’s various tick boxes no gamer could live without having fulfilled. And so, after pouring hours into every single game mode, there is nothing, nothing we tell you, quite like managing to nab that last trophy. The cries of ‘YES!’ went on for almost as long as it took us to get there. (Which was over 800 hours...)



SUPER PAPER MARIO: Flip’s Big Adventure

We can only imagine what this must have been like if it hadn’t of been spoilt by the press attention that understandably surrounded the launch of a new Mario platformer. Super Paper Mario is the only game we’ve ever seen that lets you, in a 2D world, flip the stage around to reveal that everything is made of paper and is totally flat, letting you find extra coins, get past enemies and so on. An extraordinary idea that was well executed to boot.


BOMBERMAN BLAST: Bang Bang, You’re Dead

Taking Bomberman online for the first time is pretty special. Not only can you laugh for as long as you like at the one guy who blows himself up in the corner without them hitting you, but the kind of thrills that only Bin Laden gets without his mates are now yours and you don’t even have to pick up a phone and get someone round. And even when you did, they could save themselves the embarrassment and lose in nine seconds in the comfort of their own front room.


SWORDS AND SOLIDERS: Planting the trap

Swords and Solider was a surprisingly tough game that required a lot of cunning to overcome. Despite being a strategy title, the action was at an alarming rate and one lapse in concentration could cost you the game. And so the most enjoyable part of the campaign was quickly producing several large trebuchets and setting them up perfectly in line with the opposition base, waiting for them to strike your waiting army guarding them, while an Aztec lord revived every dead body as a skeleton that fought on your side. Setting up a game-winning trap for the opposition was oh so rewarding.


SSX BLUR: Uber Fish

Remember this? It didn’t do very well commercially, but was a brilliant game and still the best boarding/skating game on the Wii, no matter what surface. Anyway, the best bit came in timing your jump to perfection and then managing to pull off an uber trick, netting you massive point. We don’t even remember it that well, but at the time it was a huge achievement every single time we managed it.


ELEDEES: Just like real life!

Graphics are overrated. While Eledees was kind of pretty, it gave you a far better way to mimic reality: By creating your own bedroom/office/garden with the massively in-depth level creator. There’s hundreds of objects, and by letting you go wild with a gravity gun throughout it, it’s the ultimate game to play when you just want to throw everything in your room at the wall.

It was four years ago today that Nintendo’s Wii hit the shelves for the first time. With pretty simple marketing, it picked up massive public interest and outsold all ‘serious’ consoles, leading to more hardcore titles like Zelda taking off. A genius move by Nintendo has since been followed up by not only them but a number of other quality developers, with hundreds of titles now available for the machine. The best bit is, there is an excess of excellent titles, and even more fantastic experiences. Here’s our list of those greatest moments, in no particular order, that makes having a Wii worthwhile...

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