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The good Doctor took somewhat of a ‘Gap Year’ in 2009, with only four stories making its way to the airwaves as opposed to the usual 14. However, foundations where being set for another epic series this year, and let’s just remember, these specials weren’t exactly bad. Also, we got plenty of action from the spin-off shows, Sarah-Jane Smith and Captain Jack Harkness both providing entertainment for different audiences and purposes.


Best Spin-Off Episode


Torchwood: The Children of Earth- The final part of Russell T Davis’ epic goodbye to the world of Torchwood was the first show we ever gave a 10/10 rating. Do you lot agree?


The Sarah-Jane Adventures: Prisoner of the Judoon- Are comedy rhinos enough to get your vote?


The Sarah-Jane Adventures: The Wedding of Sarah-Jane Smith- David Tennant popped up in the highpoint of SJA in 2009 as far as we were concerned. A great story, with a fantastic guest cast? Surely you where sold?


K9: Regeneration- They scheduled the pilot episode of the new spin-off series to be shown on JETIX/Disney XD directly against The Waters of Mars, and haven’t repeated it. Whatamistakeatomakea.


The Sarah-Jane Adventures: The Gift- We slated the finale, but DWM loved it. Et tu?





Torchwood: Children of The Earth!


We could write something new to express how much we all loved Torchwood, but instead we’ll give you a quote from our review: “Why did we enjoy it so much? After all, all that’s happening is that there’s a guy who can’t die blowing up some alien who’s trying to nick some kids. The answer’s simple. It’s been so well-written and so well-made, it’s tough to possibly dislike it. In years to come, these will go down as a genuine classic, and five of the greatest hours of science fiction ever made. There wasn’t a dull moment.”


Second place went to The Sarah-Jane Adventures: The Wedding of Sarah-Jane Smith, while nothing else gathered any votes. Captain Jack absolutely walked this one.



Doctor Who Episode of the Year


Planet of the Dead- Lady Christina de Souza (AKA Michelle Ryan) pops up, the Doctor ends up on an alien planet which is coated with a thick layer of sand which is actually dust from dead bodies and there’s some giant flies. All in the name of good fun.


Dreamland- CGI animated episode in which the Doctor, a woman who sounds just like Jenny from The Doctor’s Daughter, and a funny-looking bloke who calls the Doctor ‘Doc’ show off their running animations in a plot hole-filled adventure.


The Waters of Mars- A dark, moody story which sees the Doctor stuck on Mars the day a base is due to explode mysteriously, and all present die- A fixed point in time. Can he bring himself to save everyone aboard, or does he leave? We loved this one.


The End of Time- The Master has returned, and the Doctor’s days are nigh. With regeneration just around the corner, can the Doctor fight off both the Master’s invasion of Earth and another, bigger threat? This one must be favourite, as it got a massively positive reaction from us and you.




The End of Time!


Another obvious winner, that got it by a landslide. The runner-ups spot goes to Waters of Mars, and deservingly so, while you all agreed that Dreamland was awful and just shrugged and went “Eh.” when Planet of the Dead was brought up.


The highest praise came from Rip and Tic Tac, who –After only the first part- gave the following comments respectively: “The End of Time Part One was EPIC. Part two can only get EPICER.” And “End of time. I know there's only been one part but jut from that you know it will be AWESOME. It gets my bote.” Congratulations to Russell T Davies and co.! Not only have they got this year’s (Erm, metaphorical) trophy, but also a brand new boat from Tic Tac!

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