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User Awards 09: KNTV

Once a year, this happens. Only one every 365 days do you –Our loyal readers- get to tell us exactly what you thought of the past year. OK, actually, you get to do that every single day over on the forums, but this is the only time we actually take much notice of what you say. And that day happens to be today. What do you think where the best bits of 2009? Let us tell you what you told us...


Each band contains a number of categories, and under those categories, we shall revelled the leading nominations, which shall be between three and five. And then, the overall winner of that category will be announced from those nominations. We hope that’s simple enough. Anyway, without further ado...


KNTV Awards


We’re kicking off with the categories based around our very own KNTV. What did you think where the best of the few hundred videos to go out this year?


Best fictional series


The Doomy Blastoise- Altogether, everybody! Dah-Dah-Dah-DAH-DAH! Nzz-Uhz-Uzh-Errz! Blastoise has spun four spin-offs and over 50 episodes over its time, and won the title last year. Can it defend its crown?


The Doomy Charizard- Last year you would have laughed at the idea of a poor man’s Doomy Blastoise winning the title from it’s over study. But since then, Charizard has evolved into it’s own show, no longer TDB with a different character, but an epic 12-part drama in which you begin to feel for the characters and understand their situation. However, do you see Charizard’s new look as the best look of 2009?


Pichu Hit & Run- Human psychology isn’t really that complicated a thing. People find others falling over funny. Enlarge that feeling to seeing them die and removed the feelings of guilt by watching a little yellow thing instead and surely you’ve got an award winning show?


Larma Man’s Festive Fun time/The Larma Man Show- Larma Man was a hit when he was in Blastoises’ show and so surely seeing the irrelevant whateverheis take on the world in his own programme is even better?


Alternate Vortex- Everyone loves spoofs, and everyone loves Doctor Who. So that makes this a winner if we ever saw one...?




Larma Man!


And so the Doomy Blastoise sits there with its silver medal, looking disappointed. How could it end its three-year winning streak? Larma Man has come along and out done it, although if it’s any comfort, Blastoise, you did only lose out by one vote. Oh, and Charizard, if you’re still wondering how Larma Man’s perfect blend of irrelevant plots and hilarious dialogue piped you, you may take note that you where only one more vote behind Blastoise. But congratulations to Larma Man, officially the best fictional show on KNTV!


Best non-fiction show


Knight-Nui News- This was all for tonight. Next week we will return with more news from Knight-Nui Network. Until then, goodnight from Knightghost and all Knight-Nui staff.


E3 2009- The world’s largest gaming event lead to us producing a series of round-ups based on the event. Could the show sneak another award?


Game On Network- The only real contender for the title once you ignore KN News. Game On Network shows on a fairly regular (Once-weekly) basis what new games are essentially about, and what titles to keep your eye out for.




Knight-Nui News!


It’s a funny old thing, these awards. It was as if we needed something to balance out the closeness of the fictional show round, and so the non-fiction category goes and gives us a complete run-away victory for Knightghost’s weekly news show. Every voter bar Knightghost herself voted for KN News, and it’s a deserving victor. Knightghost’s commitment to the KN cause knows no ends, and she finds plenty to report about every single week. Game On Network gets the runners’ up spot on the podium.


Best serial


Death is a Glorious Thing [The Doomy Blastoise]- Every single year, we get a really, really epic edition of The Doomy Blastoise, and this year was no disappointment. Praised by almost everyone as a Very Epic Story, DIAGT has to be a serious contender for this year’s title.


Larma Man’s Sorta-Kind of-Almost Day [Larma Man’s Festive Funtime]- When Gorrila placed his vote for this story, he  stated that “The dialogue was the funniest he’s ever seen on KNTV”, while shortly after realise YoshiAndToad praised it by saying “lol”.


‘Something is coming...’ Revealed!- A surprise addition to the list, but this trailer which announced The Doomy Charizard S3 seemed like a solid enough thing at the time, and looks like it’s still a solid thing now. Do you agree?


Knight-Nui News 50th Edition!- Knight-Nui news reached its half century in style, revamping everything and giving it a glorious new look. Everything is now presented in KN-O-Vision rather than stuff being nicked from elsewhere, and on top of all that it’s a fantastic event to celebrate!




Death is a Glorious Thing!


While some say that the Season Three finale wasn’t as good as its predecessor, Game Over, everything was put right when Series Four reached its tenth episode –Still not half way through the run- and seemingly blew everything out of the water. Not just in the Doomy stakes, but on KNTV as a whole, if you’re opinion is anything to go by. With half the total votes, DIAGT beat out KNN #50 and Sorta-Kinda Day, which drew in second place.


Overall best KNTV Show of 2009


The Doomy Blastoise- Runner up in Fictional show, but can it sneak a result in the overall results?


Knight-Nui News- Runaway winner in the Non-Fictional series, but does will it be good news or bad news as it takes on the fictional big guns?


Larma Man- Snatched the fictional award and runner up in the serial of the year. It looks like the only way is up for Larma Man. Can he nab another gong from us in 2009?


The Doomy Charizard- Everyone loves an underdog, and Charizard certainly fits that bill. He’s been in Blastoise –And now Larma Man-‘s shadows too long. Can he finally strike them down?


Pichu Hit & Run- Pichu is even lower than Charizard right now. Can it bounce back up to the top, where some of you argue it belongs?






Actually, to tell the truth, The Doomy Charizard, The Doomy Blastoise and Knight-Nui News all came out top, and they’re all deserving winners- Glorious shows, with glorious writing, and glorious effects, and many glorious episodes over this very glorious year. But, since there can only be one winner, we threw the names of all three shows into a glorious hat and the news was the glorious show to be pulled out! So a big congratulations to Knightghost, and consider this a great big thank you for all you’ve done to KNTV this year- Responsible for more original content than anybody else, if our calculations are correct. Congratulations indeed!

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