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User Awards Results Doctor Who

Episode of the Year:


-Partners in Crime


A fat-free episode?


-The Fires of Pompeii


Did you think it was red-hot?


-Planet of the Ood


We must vote. We must vote.


-The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky


Is it too early for a Sontaran Victory dance?


-The Doctor’s Daughter


Did you like the episode as much as the person themselves? (I’m not saying anything… -TR)


-The Unicorn and the Wasp


Agatha Christie’s the best novelist of all-time? Is the episode as good, then?


-Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead


How many plays on the name of the episodes are we going to do to say ‘Look mate, did you like it or not?’. Er… Did you not miss a line, then die of excitement?


-Turn Left


Look mate, did you like it or not?


-The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End


End of the line, both for our puns and the Doctor and crew…


-The Next Doctor


Does two Doctors deserve two puns? No, it does.


And The Winner is…


The Unicorn And The Wasp!


Blimey, we didn’t see that one coming. We thought the finale was a shoe-in for sure. But Gareth Robert’s murdeor mystery wasn’t only the funniest episode we’ve ever seen, but according to you lot, the best of the year! Blimey!


Best Actor


Anyone could be nominated, and we’re not listing everyone who appeared in Who this year, because one winner is obvious…


The Winner is…


David Tennant!


You wouldn’t nominate anyone else, would you? Possibly the finest actor in England, and the leading actor in the series. Now THERE’S a shoe-in if there ever was one. Perhaps he should have been excluded from the awards because he’s too good…?


Best Actress


Same rules applied as the Best Actor one. This time, it was far closer. As in it was at least somewhat close. But, seriously, it was kinda close.


The Winner is…


Georgia Moffett!


Is it something to do with her being quite possibly the best-looking woman to ever appear in the series? Or is it just because he’s more than just a pretty face, and CAN act. Very well. Her ‘Death’ scene brought a tear to our eyes, and it looks like it brought one to yours as well.


Runner Up: Freema Ageymun- Martha Jones herself bags second-place, after a victory last year. One vote off a draw, mind.


3rd- Alex Kingston- River Song gets nominated! Whoever would have thought?


Best Villian


Anyone could have been nominated, so that includes many of the Doctor’s main enemies, including Davros- The creator of the Daleks, and the Doctor’s other greatest enemies, the Cybermen.


The Winner is…


The Sontarans


Their back! At long last, these monsters have returned to challenge the Doctor, and managed to pip Davros, the Cybermen, the Daleks and an all-manner of new villains in order to win our best Doctor Who villain of 2008. The war-loving race also appeared in The Sarah-Jane Adventures, so who knows, maybe they got a vote because of that…? Even though we’d say Commander Kaagh was rubbish.


Runners-Up: 2nd- The Vasta Narada: An original monster from Steven Moffet will always get in the top 3.


3rd- Davros & Daleks: Duh.


Best Spin-Off Episode


-Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (Torchwood)


Where you ‘In love’ with this ‘Explosive’ action?


-Sleeper (Torchwood)


Did you all sleep through it, or where you the one who voted it?


-Adam (Torchwood)


A strange name, we’d say.


-Reset (Torchwood)


Did you ‘Reset’ your vote?


-Dead Man Walking (Torchwood)


*Insert ‘Did it kill you, ect.’ joke here*


-A Day in the Death (Torchwood)


See above.


-From Out of The Rain (Torchwood)


Did you all like this? Sorry. We’re tired.


-Fragments/Exit Wounds (Torchwood)


Possibly one of the most popular spin-offs ever. Did our Forumites agree?


-The Last Sontarans (Sarah Jane)


The last good episode of SJA? Er, or something.


-Secret of the Stars (Sarah Jane)


Where you also put off by Rus Abbott’s (Quote, Unquote) ‘Acting’?


-Mark of the Berserker (Sarah Jane)


Was everyone who voted a ‘Berk’?


-The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith (Guess.)


Have you guessed yet?


The Winner is…


Fragments/Exit Wounds


Two of the best episode of Torchwood bundled together? It was defiantly going to outdo the rest, especially with a fair few dicey SJA episodes appearing this year.


But the revenge of Captain John and Jack’s evil little brother, Gray, plus the deaths of both Owen and Tosh made for both an emotion and action-packed finale- One which out did even a fair bit of Doctor Who, let alone SJA.


Runners Up: 2nd - A Day in the Death/Dead Man Walking: The two episodes following Mr. Cooper’s tragic end lead to some of your favourite Torchwoods. We loved them, and it appears they struck a chord with you lot, too.


3rd- From Out of The Rain: This circus shocker came in a number three, as one of the four stories voted for. That’s right, not a single SJA episode received a vote. Whether that shows that Torchwood’s better than ever, (Which is) or that Sarah Jane Adventures is worse than ever (Which it isn’t, even if the finale was  a bit off.) we’ll never know.




Best Set


You could nominate any at all, so long as they where realised in 2008.


The Winner is…


Toa Tahu


There really wasn’t much competison here, as every other submission was made up. The best involve “The Sausage Collection” (Funkyman), “Johnny Thunder’s Armpit” (Gorilla) and “N/A” (Doctor-Mario). But that’s nothing- This is conclusive proof that LEGO’s best sticking with it’s big guns. Tahu was the best Toa in Bionicle history, so thank goodness he’s back.


Best Game


LEGO Batman


Na na na na na na na na na… BATMAN!!


LEGO Indiana Jones


Do-do-do-do, duh-duh-duh! Dah dah dah dah, do do do-do-doo! Dah-dah-dah-dah, dah-dah-dah, DAH!


The winner is…


LEGO Batman


The pinnacle of the LEGO Series; Batman is a great achievement from both the LEGO Company and Traveller’s Tales, as the near-perfect ‘Kids Game’ formula combines with masses of Batman lore and newly-designed levels, characters and feature. We gave it 91%, and you all appear to agree. Batman to the rescue indeed!



Next doctor Fire Doctor vortex Doctor2

Here we are, at last! The user Awards 2008 Results! Voting closed last night, and all results have been added up, so here we go- It’s a biggie…


Write-Up by TR, Winners chosen by YOU!

*Also includes the LEGO Awards, since they only included two catagories*