This could possibly be the shortest and most pointless article in the history of KN. See, usually we'll talk about 'Gaming’s Greatest X Event/Something Involved'. Remember 'Gaming’s Greatest Pancakes' and our Fireworks special? They worked because pancakes are tasty and fireworks are fun. General Elections may be tense and dramatic, but don't make particularly good video games. So when we racked our brains, we could only think of two Elections in Video Gaming. However, we'll publish this article anyway, almost just to convince you all to buy the ace Sam & Max Save The World, one of the funniest games ever made.

Abraham Lincoln vs. Max

Telltale are famous for their comedy titles, and so it’s no surprise this was funnier than our ‘real’ election this year, no matter what The Sun’s breakfast-headlines and a bigoted woman have to say about it...

Why vote for Lincoln?
Thanks to the meddling of a certain Dog in a trench coat, he promises 'Free Home Deliveries' of toxic waste and... Actually, we won't spoil it for you. Once you buy the game, trust us, its belly laughs all around.

Why Vote for Max?
He promises to rule with an iron fist and re-introduce the Death Penalty for everything. Sounds good to us.

The Player V Everyone else

One of the earliest Wii games, back when every game that was realised for the format was of note. Various Tamigotchis take part in mini-games in order to win the election. This game is the one with the infamous ‘Baby-Stealing’ game that is actually suppose to see you kissing babies, but that’s not how it looked to us...

Why vote for the player?
Because it’s you. Duh. Besides that, the various activities you get up to such as kissing babies and putting out fires, and do all of them merely by wiggling your wrist. Because that’s what Late ‘06/Early ’07 without Zelda was about.

Why vote for anyone else?
Because their visual style was pretty nice. They had these weird crayon-style drawings that really made the game stand out, and all the characters seemed like they’d be drawn by someone who’d just fallen asleep with a pen in their hands, but somebody realised that and added what they could to make them seem awesome. Yeah, we kinda liked them.

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