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It was Nintendo and their Disney-like collection of colourful universes that brought gaming’s greatest icon, Super Mario, to life. However, it’s a question we’ve all wondered: What if somebody else got their first and laid their dirty great ‘Intellectual Property’ label over it?



The main attraction, Mario under SUDA51’s control wouldn’t be too different to who he is under Nintendo. In looks, anyway.  While he’d probably have a more realistically sized head, he’d remain a short, plump man and a plumber. Where he would differ, however, would be personality. Instead of a happy-go-lucky, very likeable type, Mario would be a grumpy old so-and-so who hates his life and his job, has recently divorced his wife, and does nothing to help the hero of our game. He wouldn’t be the star, as he just can’t be bothered.



We were going to make some kind of joke about Mario becoming a poor imitation of Nintendo’s efforts, before realising that would mean Mario would be copying Mario, which lead to our mind imploding. Which was a tad messy. Either way, expect a Sega Mario to be the same as the current one, but with a lower average score on Metacritic and more Wereplumber gags being bandied about amongst those reviews.



If Capcom where to make an excellent platformer about a short, stout everyman who somehow has some weird powers bestowed upon him with red headgear, then we’d guess at it being a major multi-format release, which would sell quite well, earning a sequel, only for the character to be all but retired, barring only the odd mascot-based fighter or other title.



Hero of a worldwide hit RPG series, Mario is a moody teen who’s main draw over other RPG heroes is the way he manages to keep his crimson headwear over the head of his massive hair and habit of only saying positive things out loud, leaving the gloom and doom to internal monologues. He’s built a reputation as a great RPG that kids can use to get into the genre, and his release strategy wouldn’t differ much from the one Nintendo uses today in this universe: One ‘big’ game ever five years or so, but the in-between periods are filled to bursting point with spin-offs and outings for other characters. Square-Enix’s version may just be the most Nintendo-like rendition of Mario we’ll come across.



Think Nintendo milk Mario? Just wait until Activision get their hands on that particular cash cow! Four games every single year, each of which with huge marketing schemes and production wages yet only a tiny amount of effort put in. They’d make thousands in sales, but forties in reviews. We don’t know about you, but we’re happy with Mario just the way he is...

What if Mario was made by someone else