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Where's the push? -11/11/09


The Sarah-Jane Adventures the subject of my last blogging, and along with the fact that The Waters of Mars is on in the next couple of days, I hope you’re not too concerned about the fact that I’m going to be writing another article on Elizabeth Sladen’s spin-off show this week.


The Doctor popping up in the Sarah Jane Adventures generated a buzz of excitement in the show that’s never been seen before. It was the most popular episodes, publicity went through the roof, and it is also, to my knowledge, the first time a CBBC show had been on the cover of the TV Times.


So where has that energy gone? Soon as David Tennant goes, the show goes on to put a slightly morse story on, with little-to-no imagination, and whilst solid enough (As our review shall tell you) it’s just a common-or-garden Haunted House story. Very little to recommend it above whatever was on CITV at the same time. The adverts stopped suddenly, and while we still get that appalling “Gasp! That postman has a full post bag in the afternoon!” (And no end of ironic Royal Mail Strike jokes can make that advert bearable.) once in a blue moon, the exciting trailers with lots of flashing footage of Clyde on his death bed, Luke looking shocked and Sarah-Jane walking up the isle are gone.


The BBC have –Even if it’s been out of form this season- possibly the best Children’s Sci-Fi Drama we’ve seen for many a year in the Sarah-Jane Adventures, and should be pushing it as far as it can. Instead, it’s almost as if the all-seeing corporation saw its critics for once, and is hiding it behind nonsense like Keep Your Enemies Close and Deadly 60. Look, we might have said that Revenge of the Judoon was pretty poor, but you didn’t see our review of the episode of Ooglies on half an hour beforehand.


Torchwood was given some real TLC. It was almost as if the commander over at BBC One said to Russell T Davis “Look mate, as a reward for all your good work, getting all those ratings for your three shows, we’ll give you an hour, every day of the week, to do what you like with” and Davis, being the genius that he is, didn’t simply put out a cheap documentary on the show’s ‘Greatest Moments’ (Which went on to happen on BBC Three in a couple of months time, anyway) but created possibly the best thing to have appeared on mainstream British TV this year. It was very well written, brilliantly paced, superbly acted and incredibly moving. Sarah Jane could be called a tribute to 70s Doctor Who: A number of multi-part stories involving lots of people running away from aliens, with some rubbish special effects thrown in as well. While it’s fan-pleasing on that level, I’m sticking with my view on the show: It deserves to much more than it’s getting.


They haven’t tried anything different with this third series, picking up directly where the second string of episodes left off. Torchwood mixed about with its formula, and produced its finest hour (Or five) in the process. Think back on the greatest Doctor Who stories ever made- Blink was a complete departure from all that had come before it. Genesis of the Daleks introduced so many new elements; we’d need a seventh hand to count them. So why is everyone playing it safe with Sarah-Jane? I just hope Waters of Mars isn’t a carbon-copy of The Long Game...



Arguing the somebody's childhood -24/10/09


Welcome back to Whovian Corner, everyone! A good seven months have passed since the last instalment, so it’s my pleasure to announce that as of today, a new entry in this blog shall go out over the weekend. (That’ll be Friday, Saturday or Sunday.) I’ll be discussing all kinds of Doctor Who-related things, just as before, but this time –Gasp! - it’s going to be spellchecked before being published!


I’m sure there are one or two fans who have, by now, read my take on the first few episodes of this series of The Sarah Jane Adventures to much disbelief. “Blastpomy”, I’m sure I’ve heard- But I’m being honest. We can’t forever look through the rose-tinted glasses. Yesterday’s review picked up on the poor acting of the villains a couple of times. Russ Abbot still holds the KN Award for ‘Worst Acting Performance (Baddie)”, but Elizabeth Sladen took a shot at overtaking him in the opening episode, and whenever Eve tried to be menacing in The Mad Woman in the Attic, my eyes rolled.


The Trickster is back again before long- I’ve previously hailed him as the greatest monster that’s been conjured from the pit that is SJA. But he’s popped up in two episodes at least a year- His originally creepy presence is now undermining, and the moment I see Gareth Roberts name on the writers sheet, I know he’s going to pop up. Roberts remains the best writer the series has had, in my opinion, so I’m glad that it’s him they’ve farmed the Doctor out to.


I’m in no way saying that somebody who enjoyed the evil Sarah Jane for all the right reasons last week is ‘Wrong’- We’re all equally entitled to an opinion, but I am slightly taken aback that she’s passed by many critics as putting on an excellent show. I’ve finally managed to shift the Who-based bias that I felt plague me for so long, and I think it’s time people do the same before answering back. Arguing with people’s childhoods is never a good idea, but sometimes that argument happens to be the truth.



Showdown of the Catchphrases -11/4/09


Pretty much every Doctor has had a catchphrase. Most have had several, to be honest. Erm, I've had many far better intros. But, well, I'm going to review each Doctor's catchphrase. Er, yeah. Anyway...




I honestly couldn't think of the 1st Doctor's catchphrase, so I nipped off to Tardis Wiki, and found out he didn't have one. This is the closest. It isn't realy a catchphrase, and realy no good, so I'll go for rating it...




"When I say run, Run!"

Kinda catchy. I rather like it, to be honest. It hearled the new era of 'Running away from monsters' that's somewhat synomyious with Who these days.




"Reverse the pollarity of the Neutron Flow"

A classic: What else can I say?




"Would you like a jelly babie?"

Yes. Yes I would.





He didn't have a quote, so I'll mark him on the celary he wore instead. Very original, and brave of him. Although it suposedly had a genuine purpose, we all know it's just for the sake of looking silly.





None, but he was fond of cats, so we'll pick up on that: We're not cat people ourselves, and so we can't realy comment on that either! Sorry!

0/10 (Well, we couldn't mark him...)



"Infinate Rice Pudding!"

OK, it wasn't reeeealy a catchphrase, but it was the best quote of his entire era, and we couldn't think of one for him either. He declared this quote to end all quotes after Davros gave his list of demands in Rememberance of the Daleks.




"I know who I am..."

He said this a fair bit in the movie, so we'll say it's his catchphrase. Whether he had another in the audio, we're not sure. So we'll rate this: It's very american action movie in style, and while that's not nesecerily bad, it's just not Doctor Who. Although the quote's OK.





He's described his own catchphrase with his catchphrase! Wow, what talent.




"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..."


He has two. He's got Peter Davison and Colin Baker knocknig on his door asking to leand them a catchphrase. Well, we'll have to rate them as one. Although saying 'Let's Go!' in French and apologising together just don't go. Well, they each fit the moment, which is always good. Perhaps we should of put "What? What? WHAT?!" in as a catchphrase too, as he says that too much...



Well that's my, erm, reviews of some things that some people said when playing the main character in that TV Show, Doctor Who. Erm...


To finish it of, here's the rankings of best-to-worst in terms of my score...













That isin no means my list of favorate Doctors in order, mind. That's another thing for another day...



Russell's Ramblings -8/4/09


Watching Russel T Davis on BBC Breakfast the other day lead me to think: How often has he lied? Surely he's a master of bluffing his way out of anything...? While I'll go in-depth another day, here's my Top #10 (In no specific order) Things That Russell T Davis' has lied to us about over time...


#1: "I don't like the Master, and won't be brining him back."


Ever watched Utopia, then? Possibly some of your finest work to date...


#2: "I didn't lie about the Master. It was true then, but not now."


Yeah, whaddevea.


#3: "The Doctor and Rose Tyler will be returning in Season 3"


Actualy, it was good of him to pretend Rose wasn't going. The only problem was that one week later out went a press realsie about it...


#4: "I never want to write a single word for Matt Smith".


He's also "Extremely jellous". Which one is the lie...?


#5: "Davros is EXACTLY the same as before."


I won't agrue, but millions of fanboys will...


#6: [When asked what he'd like to bring back] "You're talking to the man who brought back the Macra!"


Best. Bluffing. Ever. Got you out of that, eh?


#7: "I never lie."


I wish I had of ordered the list now, as that's possibly the best quote ever. He went on to say that he "Just doesn't always tell the truth.".


#8: "I didn't even think about going on to do Season 5."


Realy? Realy realy?


#9: "Bernard Cribbins is possibly the best bit of guest-casting we've ever done!"


Some guest. He's gone from a one-off, to a occasional regular to a main character in the last episodes this year! Supose he wasn't lieing at the time...


#10: "Kylie CAN act!"


Have you watched Voyage of the Damned?



Planet of the Dead: 10 Things it lead to... -6/4/09


Planet of the Dead! Saturday! Can't wait! Our KN Countdown Begins HERE. As the 200th Doctor Who story, POTD has something to live up to. But, keeping strictly on the number, here's 10 facts you may of not known... Probaly not.


1). It's the second tale to make refrence to the Episode number in the story. The first was Midnight, as it was the 50th Episode of new Doctor Who to enter production, the space-bus was named 'Crusader 50'. This one also features a bus heavily, too.


2). This is the 55th Episode of new Doctor Who. However, techincaly speaking, it's the 37th Story, as there have been 13 multi-parters. (This is not including Turn Left as part of The Stolen Earth.)


3). It's the fifth-ever episode of Doctor Who to last (To the closest ten minutes) one hour. The others are The Christmas Invasion, The Runnaway Bride, Last of the Time Lords and The Next Doctor.


4). It's the second episode of Doctor Who or one of it's spin-offs to be co-written by two people. It's the first of Doctor Who it's self, though. The other is The Sarah Jane Adventures' Invasion of Bane. Also by Russel T Davis and Gareth Roberts.


5). The 200 Bus might as well be the 204 Bus, as how many fans belvie that Trial of a Time Lord is actualy 4 stories, not one? Exactly.


6). It's within the Top Ten most clichéd Doctor Who titles. The others being Evil of the Daleks, The Next Doctor, Doomsday and The Invasion. Inferno almost makes it, just 'cos it's already been used three times.


7). It's the first-ever Easter Spechial... Although Rose was broadcast on Easter, too. I belive that Partners in Crime was, too, but I can't remember. Ah Well.


8). It was particaly filmed in Dubai, whcih is a first. However, it's the third New Who story to be filmed abroad, (Daleks in Manhatten had a very limited bit of stuff done in -Wait for it- Manhatten. No genuine filming, but all the same; almost all of Fires of Pomeii was filmed in Rome.) but during the John-Nathan Turner era, they had an annual 'Doctor Who Foreign Filming' thing. This all started with The City of Death, but they went on to be totaly unrelated things.


9). It's possible that this could get massive ratings, so we'll breifly mention the all-time most-watched Doctor Who Episodes. New Doctor Who? Voyage of the Damned got 18.6 Million Viewers. Old? Parts Three and Four of The City of Death where nearing 30 or 40 Mill...


10). This is the 200th Doctor Who story.


'Tilll next time...


Regeneration Attempt -23/2/09


OK, one extra day late, but research shows more people keep an eye on WC on Sunday, so I gave them that update then. Let's just hope they see this one. Now onto the main thing...


There’s a big year ahead. Not only are we in for the likes of Harry Potter 6 and so on at the movie, and Pikmin 3 (Voted KN’s most-anticipated game of 2009 in our awards), but also there’s the small matter of new Doctor Who.  There’s what’s bellow, but that’s not all. The 10th Doctor is going to die.


Not a Rose Tyler “Get lost ‘Forever’”. Not a Martha Jones “Look after my family”, or even a Donna Noble “Kill the Time Travelling half, let the annoying, goby half live”. A genuine death.


How, then? Well, only Russell T Davis knows, but I’m going to fling a couple of my own ideas in…




-One of his own enemies from the past.


Especially when it’s pretty much been confirmed. (See bellow for why. I don’t want to type it out again.) As said, I believe it’ll be the Master, but it could be anyone. Or, taking a leaf out of the original Shadow Proclamation’s book, everyone. (See ‘The Writers Tale’, by Russell T Davis. I know it’s £30, but it’s worthwhile.)


-The entire universe at stake.


David Tennant’s Doctor is the most popular since Tom Bakers, and how did he go out? By toppling radio telescope whilst battling the Master, with the entire universe at risk of falling into his clutches. Hartnell just collapsed in the TARDIS while Colin Baker hit his head on a Bicycle pump (*Runs*) If Tennant goes out in either of these ways, they’ll be a riot.


-The return of an older companion


Probably Martha or Jack. I really hope it’s not Rose, and Donna will literally burst in a ball of flames if she remembers he days as a Time-Traveller. Maybe someone like Astrid (Hopefully not) or Christina, too. Elizabeth Sladen said that Sarah Jane probably won’t be popping up, as she said in DWM #397. More on this at a later date.




-Lots and lots of monsters


Would be nice, but perhaps a one-on-one, head-to-head between the Doctor and someone of his own intellect (I.e. The Master) would be better. Hmmm…


-More deaths


Could be withstand it…?


-A massive build up.


Imagine there’s something we’ve been missing since Rose in Series one. Something big. If Davis can find and exploit this, it’ll be an amazing episode of ultra awesomeness. Or something.


-Everything wiped


Time reversed? Something similar to that- Davis has said that he’s interested in giving the series ‘A Clean Slate’ for new producer, Steven Moffat when he takes over in 2010. Whether this means he’ll bump off the entire universe, have a massive Dexus ex machina exactly the same as the end of Last of the Time Lords, or just make sure there’s nothing necessarily needed to be returned, (So no Martha-style “I’ll see you again, Mister”s) we don’t know.


Well, that’s my pretty solid speculation. For more wild stuff, there’s this little place called Outpost Gallafrey…


Coming Up... -21/2/09


OK, I missed another week, but there'll be another tommorow. Promise!


I'm not out for a formal introduction, but here's... *Drum Roll* THE OFFICIAL KN PREVIEW OF DOCTOR WHO IN 2009!!


Planet of the Dead: Easter


The Doctor finds himself on a bus, and something goes wrong. Starring Michelle Ryan and Lee Evans, with the former playing the Doctor's companion for the episode, Lady Christina. There'll be mroe unveiled in the run-up to Easter.


It's by Russel T. Davis and Gareth Roberts, so it should be good.


Unamed Spechial: Summer


Nothing known at all: So far they've got it planned out, but not 100%, and no script written. Anythnig could happen...


The David Tennant Finales!: TBA/Christmas


The Tenth Doctor takes his final bow out in an epic two-hour (Plus!) finale, which is sure to have fans applauding a massive work of genius. Again, very little is known, but as there's only two episodes with new monsters, we can safly say this one is likley to contain a returning villian.


Your guess is as good as mine, but when mine is the Master, yours'd have to be good. Here's hoping John Simm's up for taking the role of the Doctor's arch-nemmesis on again. Although, knowing Davies, he's going to squeeze the Daleks in as well. *Sigh*


Novels: Various


There's 9 Novels in the pipeline. Three going out near the launch of the first spechial, three more in September, and then three more on boxing day. They, noe the whole, include older enemies. There's also a 'Quick Reads' book, containing the Sontarans, too.


Not forgetting The Darksmith Legacy: A new 10-Part Series of books covering the Doctor's quest to unearth a mysterious plot. Personaly, I'd say it looks like The Infinate Quest all voer again.


Depends on whether you liked TIQ, I supose.


Big Finish: Every Month


In the 14-Year gap, Big Finish was all Who fans had to go by for new fiction. (Well, besides DWM Comics and Novels) And it's doing the same job now, as some new adventures of old Doctors turn up on CD.


They've also got the third season of the 8th Doctor series, too. It's going wild with monsters that even Russel  "I brought back the Macra!" T. Davis wouldn't dream of reserecting. Morbius a go-go!


DWM: Every Four Weeks


Speaking of which, there's an new one out on Thursday! As well as the usual articles and news, the coming editoions include a new Comic 'Arc', with new companion Manjeta Price, a green-skinned blonde alien who thinks of the Doctor as a 'Buisness Partner'. Better than another Rose Tyler, I guess.


This adds an actualy sense of danger, as you know they can't write out the companion because it's not the finale, or it's just a Comic or anything. The strip realy could improve on it...




There's bound to be more. I'll cover it all in due corse, don't worry...


Tune in tommorow for my ideas on how David Tennant could possibly regenerate...


New Doctor's Day! -7/2/09


OK, well the latest DWM has one of the best Production Notes articles ever, in which Steven Moffat explains where he was on each 'New Doctor's Day'- When the latest Doctor was revealed. I'm nicking this, and using it for my own article. Thanks, the Moff.


First-Eight Doctor: I either wasn't born, or hardly knew what Doctor Who was, so I'll skip them...


My first encounter with the Ninth Doctor was my mum saying in apssing to my dad "They've cast Doctor Who". I later saw an interview on TV, and an article in some terrible old Kid's Magazine. I can't even remember what it was, but then give or take some months, I was absolutly hooked on the series.


How did I meet 'My' Doctor, then? Well, the Tenth Doctor himself, David Tennant came into my life whilst I was in Kent. I was off seeing my Aunt where she use to live, and we'd just watched Aliens of London the previous night no some massive TV. I was sitting eating toast, while my Dad read one of those free papers. He turned it round to face me. "THAT'S," he began "The new Doctor.". I looked at him and said something along the lines of "He looks weird.", or "The current one'll be better." See, even at that tender age, and as a brand-new, child fan, I was being sceptical about the casting.


My first DWM came a few weeks later with the news. "David Tennant IS The Doctor!" it proclaimed. I didn't read it- There was an article about Chris Eccleston quiting above, that also happened to have a photo of Rose's bum clearly with it. Of course, I eventualy did, and must of been through it about eight times now, but I didnt' then, and it's a shame.


When Tennant said he was leaving, though? Well, I'd, again, been away. Seeing my other aunt, who lives in Durhum. I'd had a lovley meal in this Itallian joint, deep in the Metro Centre, and was in the car on the way back. The radio was on, and the news was playing loud and clear.


"Johnathon Ross and Russel Brand, blah blah blah... And the actor David Tennant, 39, has confirmed he is leaving the hit BBC series Doctor Who after 4 years in the lead role."


They then had that clip form him that is now famously immortalised. It's been heard millinos of times, (Thanks YouTube.) and will be forever more. (Well, probaly.)


Matt Smith was confirmed on ym brother's birthday, so I was stuck at the house, with tons of his friends running riot to everything. Thankfully, he'd recived a copy of Meteos on DS that morning, (Funnily enough, from your truely) and that kept me sane. No, no, no... Not because of the rioting kids upstairs, but because the BBC had confirmed that David tennant's sucessor would be announced at 5:50. When it came to the annoucnment, they siad he was the 'Youngest Doctor Ever', and I kinda paniced. I thought for a moment they'd cast a kid or something. However, I picked up in one of those montages they did. They had Colin Morgan there, (Merlin, Jeffro) who is a perfectly fine younger actor. perhaps they cast him...?


Then, they went on to cats someone I'd never heard of. Not even in passing or speculation. Still, it kept the suprise fresh.


But where will I be on the next New Doctor's Day, when they cast Patrick Stewart? I'm not sure, but hopefully there won't be another riot or badly-cooked slice of bread...


Doctor Who: The Video Game- 31/1/09


I saw a review of Doctor Who: Top Trumps in the papers not too long ago, which said that the 'Simple gameplay fitted Wii' and that 'While there's no a lot, it's still worth a purchase'. No. It's not. The review didn't give us one reason why, and even DWM's reveiw of the PS2/DS version was terrible. 'In Gaming terms, this is "Old Fashioned Fun".' No, in Gaming Terms, this is a Cash-In.


For an honest review, there's mine of the DS version, scoring it 61%, (Would be 52% if it wasn't Who-themed, mind. I gave it some lea-way.) but the Wii Version? I've finaly got my hands on it, and I'm highly disapointed. Review tommorow.


But! Where is this going? Doctor Who would make an awsome video game. personaly, I'd give it to Bioware, as Mass Effect could easily be turned into a Whoniverse game, and the idea of one change effecting the whole game would definatly work with the whole 'Altering Time' template.


An RPG from Square-Enix could also be kinda good, as I recon they can do it. It's whether they would actualy do it. While Who's massive in the UK, it's more of a 'Cult' series everywhere else in the world.


So the responsibilty falls to a UK team, then. I'd reccomend either Traveller's Tales, (LEGO Series, Sonic 3D) Fronteir (LostWinds) or Kuju/Headstrong (Battilon Wars, House of the Dead: Overkill). Possibly Lionhead or Rare, but, personaly, I'd say that the 360 isn't the first console for it. A version on Xbox WOULD be reccomended, but I'd say that since the Wii is the best-selling console, and would be able to handle such a game, if developed for correctly, and it should also definatly be on 360, as said, plus probaly PS3. But the last one could be dropped easily, due to massive development costs and Sony's need to re-do all graphics, ect..


I'd like peeps to send me ideas, actualy. I'll publish them in a future editon- Either shoot me a PM on the boards, or email me at [email protected].


Delayed! -24/1/09


One whole extra week you had to wait for this- A simular thing to those who wanted to watch Smith & Jones at launch. Those who went to Trafalga Square to watch Last Of The Time Lords. All of us who ended up watching I'll Do Anything and Eurovision one night in May last year, now having to dodge Silence In The Libary spoilers even more.


Of corse, they only get worse; It's not until 2010 that we get another series, and to see Matt Smit in action. (Well, except those watching Ospreys V. Tigers earlier. That was just sinfull play against Shane Williams. Oh, sorry, wrong Matt Smith.) Or the greatest whole in Who History- That 14 year period without a single episode on.


And while that wasn't exactly a delay, it has built delays into Doctor Who Fan lore. It's an important detail; and one that will possibly never be forgotten- if only because this blog exists.


DWM Missing a week because the BBC wanted to show some more Football? It seemed like the end of the world, but it almost happened again when Gridlock was being shown. Nobody actualy knew if Doctor Who would be on that night; and fans waited desperatly to see if extra time dragged on. I remember being on Doctor Who Online and KN's forums simultaniously, and having the TV (Usualy used for gaming) behind me, on BBC One, with the commentry blaring out. 2 Minutes of injury time. Phew, it wasn't a Red card for the Face of Boe after all.


I could go on- Infact, I've only been talknig about the modern series. It got worse during the days of Peter Davison in particular. Here's hoping that Matt Smith gets a delay-free run, anyway!



DWM -10/1/09


First time in three weeks I havn't had somthing big to cover on my Saturday-ly update, what with The Next Doctor (Episode), then The Next Doctor (Announcment). And so, here I am; and writing this, and yet there IS a a new 'Thing' of last week, and that's fairly big for Who fans. That 'Thing' is a new edition of DWM, aka Doctor Who Magazine.


It's also also known as The Doctor Who Monthly Bible, as (besides kid's magazine Doctor Who Adventures and partwork Battles in Time) it's the only regular Doctor Who pbulishment, and it covers the most. Besides the odd press realise and podcast, most things are unveiled in there. Almost every episode title? Check. The return of K9, Cybermen, Daleks and Sontarans in the new series? Yup. Te list goes on.


Now on it's #404th Edition, DWM has guided many fans through the dark times of the 16-year gap, and has constantly ammusied, with articles such as The Matrix Databank, (There was one a while back where they did a realy sarcastic joke response to all of them. It's around #375, to hazzard a guess.) Space-Time Telegraph -The hillarious newspaper from a parellel universe. ("The BBC are reported to have SCAMMED EVERYONE. A reliable source has told STT that the Doctor is not atcualy a 900 YEAR OLD TIME LORD, but a 37 YEAR OLD SCOTTISH ACTOR, named David Tennant." It goes on, and doesn't loose impact.) and then there's the regular articles, and interviews.


Oh! And the Comic Strips! How would we survive without them? DWA and BiT's are pretty poor, and even the Garry Russel-made Manga series seems limp by comparison. Very few apprechiate them for what they are, because what they are is one of the most vital pieces of Who Lure.


Frankly, I could go on about DWM all day, but there's a new issue to read, and so I've got to focus on that, OK?


Bye bye, again.


The Next Doctor (For real, this time.) 3/1/09


It's 2009! What does it feel like to know we've got no superb new seies this year? Hmm. Well, it's pretty much made up for, as only three days into the year, we've already got confirmation of who The Next Doctor is.


No, not David Morrisey. It's... MATT SMITH!


I'm personaly excited about him. Hopefully he'll bring somthing new to the role. And while it's not a massive change as some where expecting, (Well, I'm pretty sure he's a man.) from when did the show need a massive shake-up? Steve Moffat's reign will bring newness to the world's greatest TV Show, and so to change EVERYTHING at once would be too much. Maybe when he eventualy gives in, and I've had a shot at being the Doctor myself, and THEN we can have a black one. And a woman. Maybe we could have Freema Ageyman as the Doctor...?


Actualy, I personaly wouldn't like to see a woman, and neither would most fans. Have as many female companions as possible, (As we've seen in Journey's End, there's been a lot, even in just 4 years since it came back.) after all, we need some eye candy, but it wouldn't work in the same way. A blakc Doctor would be great, mind, as he'd be treated very diffrently. Previously, the 10 Doctors have been able to "Walk about as if they own the place." (-The Tenth Doctor, David Tennant in 'The Shakesphere Code' by Gareth Roberts) but it'd be diffrent with a black Doctor, as he'd end up in slave trades, ect.


But never the less, Matt Smith will be great. I'm realy looking forward to his perfomances.


The Next Doctor 26/12/08


OK, before the review tommorow, I'll make some notes on what I thought of The Next Doctor.


Don't worry, if you havn't seen it, I won't go into plot details. But I'll start by mentioning the title of the next spechial: Planet of The Dead? That's a title that sounds like the sort of thing that's been used fifty billinos times. They might as well name the episode "Doctor Who". It'd have the same impact.


Er, yeah, anyway: What can I say without giving away spoilers? the episode is basicly one great bit spoiler! Untill the very end, funnily enough, there's twist after twist after twist.


That's why it seemed to all go so quickly. Living in the UK? Follow the link bellow, quick. You need to watch this now. Opinon is divided about it, and while I eresonaly enjyoed it, it has it's flaws in places, and the episode's aim and feel changed regualy.


Mind you, the last three or four minutes where absolutly superb. The "Other Doctor" (David Morrosy) congratulating our Doctor (David Tennant), and getting the whole of London to say thanks, and then the bit with the TARDIS and the now-annual "Have Christams Dinner" bit where great. Mind you, no festive song & dance nubmer or joke about it 'Not Realy' snowing this year? Bah.


All the same, I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to The Planet of The Dead, no matter how clichéd the title is.


Toy Story 19/12/08


Once upon a time, there was a man. He walked into Tesco. He went into the toy isle. He looked at the Doctor Who toys. There was a small boy, about eight, who was also looknig at them. The night before, a new episode has aired. It was called The Stolen Earth, and some certain rhino-headed aliens returned. They happened to have two diffrent Judoon figures in Tesco, one of a trooper, and one of the commander.


The boy picked up the only trooper on the shelves and began to walk off with it. Their mother was on the next row up, with the boy's younger sister, looknig at Barbies and so on. The boy wanted this toy, and walked off. The fully grown man, let's call him Joshpeh, was a die-hard Doctor Who fan. He had colelcted all the figures, in either poses that recreated the scenes inwhich they first appeared, or still in their mnit packaging. However, he was lacknig one certain figure: The Judoon Trooper.


With no more left on the shelves, Joe saw his oppotunaty, and -With nobody watching the isle- charged at the boy, rugby tacklnig him, and sending him flat on their nose.


The child ran off with a grazed knee and a red nose, but nothnig broken and nothing bleeding. Joe seized the action figure, and ran off, straight to the check out. Teh worst bit was he didn't even help the boy up. Then that they'd put up the price and he had to pay the last found via. his Credit Card.


This is the level of obession some fans reach. Make sure it's not you. Doctor Who is awsome, but keep it in consideration. Collect and watch all you like, but when you're thinking that you have to do this to prove your fandom, or when your Fandom leads you to this, get yourself back on track.


This collum is written by a fellow Whovian, and so I promise this will never be used as a theme again, but just remember it in future: The new genneratino of fans are there to be cellebrated, not sent face-first into that cheap rubbery/plasticy Tesco floor.


Disapointed? 12/12/08

Are you one of those many who thought the dexus machina at the end of Journey's End was disapointing? Well, that's the way it was supose to be. Once in the old DWM regular, Matrix Data Bank, Sorvad answered a question on finding fellow Doctor Who fans, respoding that their made up by three things: Anticipation, Queries and Disapointment.


Look on any Doctor Who forum, and you'll be seeing lots of fans noting everything off, from obvious things like "The walls fell down half way through the episode!" to the smallest, most insegnificant details. "Elizabeth Sladen was half a second off David Tennant's que!", aparently. Who cares?


Another example was when David Tennant said he was leaving. Many fans anticipated it, and that leaves it as insted of the formular being A + Q + D = Doctor Who Fan, it's more likley A + Q = (Hopefully) D [Mathemticians will hate me -TR]. People wanted The Master back? Well he evolved into a new form, now being more of the current Doctor's equal! Oh. That's disaspointed the fans.


See, most of the UK are fans of this certain TV Series. Which, in turn, should mean that most of the British Isles are fans of disapointment. Not exactly. Doctor Who fans are almost everywhere in this country, but it's simular to that stupid "Hardcore Vs. Casual" debate going on in the gaming world. Those kids that sit around on the intrernet speculating aren't the same as normal people. It's only when you go onlnie and begin to guess about how the Master and Tegan are married and actualy Davros's parents may seem like fun at first, but it's actualy the source of disapointment.


Even when the series isn't on, we're being disaspointed. DWM got a date wrong! Oh noes! And their comic strip has a thick font! It's the end of the world!  There's a new range of books: But they only star the 10th Doctor, and not Donna or Martha! Gasp! Rose Tyler's back next year! Doctor Who Died Today!


Infact, that's my favorate sentance ever. Doctor Who Died Today? No. If you ask me, that was when Russel T Davis decided that for the first of the spechials next year the Doctor would team up with Mr Blobby to fight an invasion of cheese-obessive Ice Warriors, who have migrated to Spain in a desprate attempt to escape an even worse form of the Credit Crunch taking over Mars...

Video Games Killed the White Point Star -17/11/10


Thankfully, I am yet to have the displeasure of playing Doctor Who: Return to Earth. However, two reviewers have and from what they’ve said, it is most spiteful piece of software ever released on the Wii. I haven’t played the DS version either, but from what I hear that isn’t much better.


As a life-long Doctor Who fan that has something more than a passing interest in Video Games, it’s as close to heartbreak as a media disc can give you. For so long, the series has been crying out for a decent game. Especially with the likes of Professor Layton and Tales of Monkey Island putting a breath of fresh air back into the point ‘n’ click genre, now is as good a time as ever to put the Doctor into the type of game that really suits him. Yes, there was the Adventure Games on PC for free, but they were really rather shoddy, even if the plot, script and voice acting where in place.


There’s also a place in this world for a stealth title in which you have to creep around Dalek spaceships and the like, before engaging in a bit of witty banter and eventually defeating the monsters with an egg cup and a bit of string.


As far as special effects goes, Doctor Who has been pushing the boundaries of what a TV series can do since 2005. Over half of BBC Wales’ annual drama budget is spent on the series. The biggest names in the country are practically queuing up to get on the show. So why do the games have to be so low-budget? Surely only a tiny amount of not only what Doctor Who makes but what the games will would be needed to hire a decent developer with interests in the Doctor’s travels, which would be most of the UK-based devs around. Travellers’ Tales (LEGO series) would be an excellent choice- They get how to make good licensed games, having done so for Batman, Star Wars, Harry Potter and so on, all with equal amounts of enthusiasm.


But none of that matters, as it’s cheaper to hire someone with no real love for the series or understanding of why and how it works than a studio that wants to do it justice. Get the game out the door for no less than it would cost to make a basic R/C Dalek and it’s all good. However, I could bring myself to actually play with one of them...


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